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How to Remove Duplicates from Array of Objects JavaScript

JavaScript arrays are popular data structures that support many powerful features. JS also allows you to store data as objects that are key-value pairs. Many developers create array of objects to store a large volume of information in a compact and accessible manner. Sometimes you may need to remote duplicates from array of objects using JavaScript. In this article, we will learn how to remove duplicates from array of objects in JavaScript.

How to Remove Duplicates from Array of Objects JavaScript

Let us say you have the following array of objects in JavaScript. As you can see it has one duplicate item.

obj = {};

obj.arr = new Array();


Let us say you want to remove duplicates from the array to create the following array.


1. Using Array Filter

Here is a simple way to remove duplicate objects from our array.

const uniqueArray = obj.arr.filter((value, index) => {
  const _value = JSON.stringify(value);
  return index === obj.arr.findIndex(obj => {
    return JSON.stringify(obj) === _value;

In the above code, we use JSON.stringify() function to convert each object into JSON string and compare the resultant JSON strings with each other to identify and remove duplicates. If two objects are identical then their JSON strings should also be equal. For this purpose, we use filter() function which creates a new array of elements that fulfill a certain condition. In our case, this condition is that there should be no duplicates of it in the array. Basically, the filter() function runs for each object one by one. For each object, it checks all duplicates in the array and returns the unique items.

There are other methods to do this also.

2. Using Temporary Array

The next method is to create a temporary array using any one of the keys, for each element. For each index, we us them to get their corresponding object from original array. At this point, our temporary array will have key-value pairs where keys are one of the keys from the objects, and value is the object itself. Then we use the values in temporary array to create new array of unique objects. This will remove duplicates since each unique key will extract only one object from the old array.

function removeDuplicates(arr_obj) {


            // Declare a new array
            let newArray = [];
            // Declare an empty object
            let uniqueObject = {};
            // Loop for the array elements
            for (let i in arr_obj) {
                // Extract the title
                objTitle = arr_obj[i]['place'];
                // Use the title as the index
                uniqueObject[objTitle] = arr_obj[i];
            // Loop to push unique object into array
            for (i in uniqueObject) {
            // Display the unique objects


3. Using JSON Stringify

In this case, we first convert each array item into JSON string using JSON.stringify() function. Then we create an array of these strings using map() function. Then we convert this array into a set. A set can have only unique elements so automatically, duplicate JSON strings are dropped during set creation. Finally, we get back our objects from JSON string using JSON.parse() function, and create array from set.

Here is the sample code for it.

jsonObject =;
uniqueSet = new Set(jsonObject);
uniqueArray = Array.from(uniqueSet).map(JSON.parse);

In this article, we have learnt how to remove duplicates from array of objects in JavaScript.

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