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How to Find Django Install Location

Django is a powerful web framework to build python websites and applications. It allows you to quickly build applications using model-view-template architecture. Sometimes you may need to know the Django install location in order to customize your installation or make some changes. In this article, we will learn how to find Django install location.

How to Find Django Install Location

Here are the steps to find Django install location. First of all, open terminal and start python shell. If you are using python virtual environment, activate it before you run python shell.

$ python

Next, import Django library.

>>> import django

The install location of your Django framework is stored in django.__file__. Just print it to see its value.

>>> print (django.__file__)

You will see the output similar to one above, when Django is installed in global libraries.

If it is installed in virtual environments, you will see the following kind of output.

>>> print (django.__file__)

That’s it. In this short article, we have learnt how to view Django install location. It works on Windows systems as well as MacOS. The key is to start python shell, import Django and access its __file__ property.

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