convert rpm to deb file in linux

How to Convert RPM to DEB files in Linux

Debian/Ubuntu Linux systems require DEB packages for software installation. But sometimes you may find that some software packages are available as RPM files, which work only on RedHat based Linux systems. In such cases you will need to convert RPM to DEB files to install them on your Debian/Ubuntu system. In this article, we will look at how to convert RPM to DEB files in Linux.

How to Convert RPM to DEB files in Linux

Here are the steps to convert RPM to DEB files in Linux. Login to Debian/Ubuntu Linux and perform the following steps.

1. Install Alien Package

Open terminal and run the following command to install alien package

$ sudo apt-get install alien

2. Verify Installation

Run the following command to verify installation.

$ sudo dpkg -l|grep alien

3. Download RPM File

Download any RPM file using wget command. If you already have an RPM file on your system you can skip this step.

$ sudo wget

4. Convert RPM to DEB package

Run the following command to convert RPM package to DEB package.

$ sudo alien vsftpd-2.2.2-11.el6_3.1.x86_64.rpm

The above command will create file with file name but .deb extension, that is, vsftpd-2.2.2-11.el6_3.1.x86_64.deb

5. Install .deb file

You can install the above .deb file using apt or dpkg command

$ sudo dpkg -i vsftpd_2.2.2-12_amd64.deb

In this article, we have learnt how to convert RPM to DEB file. This is really useful if you find that you are unable get a .deb file for your desired software package, and that it is available as RPM file.

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