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How to Add Images to on GitHub

GitHub is a popular cloud-based service to store git repositories on the cloud. It is used extensively by open source community to create and share software and documents with others. Most of these repositories have a readme file that contains details about the repository contents. They generally contain text-based information. Sometimes you may want to add images to on GitHub. In this article, we will learn how to add images to on GitHub.

How to Add Images to on GitHub

Here are the steps to add images to on GitHub. You can easily do it using the following markdown.

![alt text](http://url/to/img.png)

The above tag will create an image with source URL pointing to the HTTP URL you have mentioned above. You can use HTTPS instead of HTTP URL. You can also use different type of image file formats such as PNG, GIF, etc. as per your requirement.

If the image is present in your repository itself, then you can replace the above HTTP URL with a GitHub repository URL.

![alt text]([username]/[reponame]/blob/[branch]/image.jpg?raw=true)

In this article, we have learnt how to add images to file in GitHub.

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