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How to Install PuTTy on Linux

PuTTy is a popular & open source SSH and telnet client used widely by web developers and system administrators all over the world. Although it is typically used in Windows environment, it is also well-known among Linux administrators. In fact, often people prefer to use PuTTy instead of using the default ssh client available in every Linux system, due to its ease of use and familiarity in case you have used it on Window before. But PuTTy is not available by default on Linux systems. So we will learn how to install PuTTy on Linux.

How to Install PuTTy on Linux

Here are the steps to install PuTTy on different Linux distributions.

Install PuTTy on Ubuntu

First, we have to add universe repository on your system. Then you need to update the system to be able to access the PuTTy packages. Lastly, we install it using apt command, as shown below.

$ sudo add-apt-repository universe
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install putty

You can install it using its icon in GUI or using the following command.

$ putty

Install PuTTy on Debian

Like Ubuntu, you can also install PuTTy on Debian systems, with the following command.

$ sudo apt-get install putty

Install PuTTy on Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE Linux

You can also install PuTTy on RHEL, CentOS, Fedora and SUSE Linux as shown below.

$ sudo yum install putty
$ sudo dnf install putty

Install PuTTy from Source

If you don’t use any of the above mentioned Linux distributions, or if you wish to install PuTTy from source, then here are the commands to run. You can change the download URL below as per your requirement.

$ wget
$ tar -xvf putty-0.78.tar.gz
$ cd putty-0.78/
$ ./configure
$ sudo make && sudo make install

In this article, we have learnt how to install PuTTy on different Linux distributions.

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