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How to Find Users Currently Logged in Linux

Very often you may need to check users logged in Linux or get total number of users logged in. This is a common requirement for Linux system administrators. In this article, we will look at how to find users currently logged in Linux.

How to Find Users Currently Logged in Linux

Generally, administrators use who command to find out currently logged in users. Here is an example.

$ who
ubuntu   pts/0        2021-06-26 05:22 (

In the above command, the first column is username, and the last column is datetime of login, along with IP address. You may also use who -a command for more detailed information.

$ who -a
       system boot  2021-06-25 10:13        run-level 5  2021-06-25 10:13
 LOGIN      ttyS0        2021-06-25 10:13               930 id=tyS0
 LOGIN      tty1         2021-06-25 10:13               931 id=tty1
 ubuntu   + pts/0        2021-06-26 05:22   .          8976 (

In this article, we have looked at how to find out users logged in.

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