How to Create Virtual Host on WAMP

WAMP is a popular web development solution for Apache/PHP websites. It allows you to setup multiple websites and domains on a single server.

How to Create Virtual Host on WAMP

Here are the steps to create virtual host on WAMP.

1. Create Website Folder

Create the root folder for your website at a location of your choice. For our example, we will use the path C:/wamp/www/example1

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2. Open WAMP and Create Virtual Host

Start WAMP server, open browser and go to http://localhost to view its dashboard. You will see the following screen.

create virtual host on wamp

Scroll down the screen and click on “Add a Virtual Host”.

add virtual host

You will see the following screen. Enter domain (e.g. and root location of your website. Please provide absolute path while specifying the root folder of your website (e.g. c:\wamp\www\example1)

virtual host domain name and root location

Click on “Start the creation of virtual host”.

start creating virtual host

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3. Clear local DNS

To access this virtual host, we need to restart DNS server under WAMP. Open command line and run the following command to do so.

ipconfig /flushdns

You can also right-click WAMP icon in system tray to view the available option menus. Go to tools->restart DNS

restart dns server

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4. Restart WAMP

Restart WAMP server to apply changes. Open web browser and visit your domain You will see its home page content.

If you want to add multiple virtual hosts on your server, then repeat the above steps again for each virtual host.

That’s it. As you can see it is quite easy to create virtul hosts in WAMP, and run multiple websites with a single instance of server.

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