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How to Create Fillable PDF Forms in Linux

PDF documents are widely used due to their security, compatibility and ease of use. Sometimes you may need to create fillable PDF forms using your document in Linux. There are many third-party tools available for this purpose. In this article, we will learn how to create fillable PDF forms in Linux using OnlyOffice.

How to Create Fillable PDF Forms in Linux

OnlyOffice is a document suite like MS Office and Libre Office, that is free to use. Starting version 7.0 it allows you to create, edit and share fillable PDF forms called OFORMs. You can use this feature to create & edit documents with fillable fields on your PC, laptop, or even online and share them with others.

Here are the steps to create fillable PDF forms using Only Office.

1. Install OnlyOffice

First step is to install OnlyOffice on your system. Here is the download link that provides binaries and installers for various systems.

2. Create Form Template in OnlyOffice

Open OnlyOffice Desktop Editor and clock Form template. It will open new .docxf file in text editor. If you already have .docx files, you can open the file in your desktop editor by clicking open local file and selecting it from your computer.

3. Add Form Elements

Add the required text if you need any. Then enter editable form fields. Here are the ones supported at the moment.

  • Text field, a field that displays text or text lines
  • Combo box, a field that combines the characteristics of a text field and a drop-down list
  • Drop-down list, a field that displays a list of available options
  • Check box, a field that indicates if an option is selected
  • Radio button, a field that makes it possible to select from a set of mutually exclusive options
  • Image is a field that allows a user to insert an image

Each form field has certain attributes such as location, size, color, etc. that allows you to customize the look and feel of your forms. You can also set certain fields as required, and adjust their properties.

4. Preview Form

Open Form tab and click View to get a preview of your form. It will open the form in preview mode. In this mode, you can fill but not edit the form fields. It is what people will see when you share the PDF form.

5. Save Form

Lastly, save the form as PDF, by clicking File tab and Save As. You will see a list of file formats. Select PDF from the list and click Save. You can also save it as .oform document which is a portable version of your form, that you can share with others and even fill it online.

The PDF forms can be opened in any PDF editors, or web browsers, filled and saved back as PDF documents.

You can use the above steps to create sales contracts, legal agreements, etc. which require a fillable form in PDF.

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