how to write google text ad

How to Write Google Text Ad That Drives Clicks

Google offers many different forms of PPC ads to help you promote your business, products & services. Among them, Google text ads are the simplest ads to create. They appear above the search results on Google, when people search for stuff. However, they are highly competitive since practically every business uses text ads to market their business. So how do make your Google Text ads stand apart? What do the best Google Text Ads contain? Here are some Google Ad Copy best practices on how to write Google Text Ad for your clients, and improve your SEM strategy.


How to Write Google Text Ad

Google Text Ads appear above search results when users enter a search string. Here’s a sample.

google text ad


How to write Google Text Ad that drives clicks? Here are some SEM best practices to write Google Text Ad that convert.


1. Highlight Your USP

What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? What makes your product/service unique? Is it a huge selection of items, free shipping? Tell people what makes your product/service unique in Google Ads description.

Another way to grab user attention to mention the problem you solve, or your customer wants you to solve. In the image above, the headline asks “Dealing with Acne?”. However, the prospect is already dealing with Acne so why ask.

Instead, your ad should say something like, “Get rid of Acne forever” because that is what they’re trying to accomplish. When you write Google text ad, find out what your target customer wants to achieve and offer it in your Ad headline.


2. Create a sense of urgency

No one wants to miss out on a great deal. It is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and is an effective psychological trick advertisers use to persuade their prospects and increase Adwords conversion rate.

Google Adwords offers simple countdown timers that you can add to your Google Text Ads. Once added, your ad will include a countdown timer that updates in real-time. You can use this to promote a limited-time discount or offer an exclusive product.

google text ad countdown timer


3. Keep it Recent

People like to buy products that are fresh and recent, than something a year old. So mentioning your latest business milestone (no. of customers serviced, amount made in sales, money saved for customers, revenue generated for customers, etc) in your ad is sure to generate more clicks. Here’s an example. Which of the 2 ads below do you think performed better?

google text ad recent


The bottom ad got almost 3 times as many clicks as the top one!


4. Be Specific

When you write Google Adwords ads, use numbers to back your claim. Period.

People like to see some numbers in ads to get an idea of how big or successful your business is, which, in turn, makes it look more credible. Numbers also indicate that you are accurate and not talking vague things.

In the above ad (point #3), the bottom ad mentions precisely how much money ($45,329) their business had saved for clients in January. That is another reason why it was so successful.


5. Use Call to Action buttons

People have entered a search term, seen your ad, and are impressed with it. Now what? The best Google Text Ads instruct people to take action.

Tell them clearly what you want them to do next. If you’re selling a product, how can they buy it? If you offer a service, how can they contact you?

Use call to action (CTA) like purchasecall todayorderbrowsesign up, or get a quote to tell prospects what they need to do to proceed further.

In fact, Google Ad allows you to display call-to-action buttons (with icons) that people can click to perform the specific action. So when you write Google text ad leverage CTA buttons to make your ad stand apart.

Here’s a great example. See how the advertiser has not only mentioned a call to action but also added a button to proceed further.

google ad call to action



Hopefully, the above tips will help you write Google text ad that attracts, engages and converts prospects to your businesses. Always make sure to test your Ad copy performance by measuring your website’s traffic regularly.


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