how to write good google ad copy

How to Write Good Adwords Ad

Google Ads are a time-tested PPC marketing channel to quickly get website traffic and get more customers. However, there is a lot of competition for Google Ads. You must write good Adwords copy so that people will click on it, and you’ll not end up wasting your Ad spend. When you write PPC ads, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you can write good ads for Adwords. Here’s how to write Good Adwords Ad copy to attract more website traffic.


How to Write Good Adwords Ad

Here are top 5 tips to write good Adwords Ad copy for your clients & customers.


1. Pick the Best of 3 Ad Copies

It’s not realistic to assume that you will get it right at your first attempt. If you want to write good Adwords Ad copy, then write¬†at least 3 Google ad copies,¬†monitor your website traffic for each copy with the help of a marketing reporting tool and pick the best one.

Your 1st ad should be about the customer and answer the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question. Make sure to include the keyword in your headline, explain product/service benefit in your description 1, and put a call to action in your description 2.

Your 2nd ad should be about your products/services. What is it about? What pain point/problem does it solve?

Your 3rd ad can be a little creative and quite different from the first two ads. Do some experimentation here. Try something clever. See what your competitors are doing.

Run the 3 ads and test them to pick the most converting one.


2. Use Power Words

If you want to write good Adwords Ad copy, you must make it all about your customers. When you write Google text ad, there are certain words that resonate more with your customers than anything else. They are also known as power words, and tend to drive clicks.

Make sure to include 1-2 such words in your Google Ad copy. Here are some examples of power words:

  • You
  • Free
  • Offer
  • Increase
  • Easy
  • Exclusive
  • Hurry
  • Only
  • Try

Also, research upon your customer’s industry buzzwords and use 1 such buzzword in your Google Ad copy. It will make your company look like an expert.


3. Use Emotions

Ad Copy writing is a creative process and it helps to include emotions. Emotional Ads connect with a vast range of people and increase Adwords conversion rate.

Ask yourself how you want your company to be perceived by your target audience – as a hero/villain, feel-good friend, funny person?

Then write an emotionally charged Google Ad copy for your target audience. Here’s an example of an ad for a disability claims lawyer, who clearly understands the frustration of customers.

emotional google ad


4. Showcase your personality

Most people tend to write straight-forward Ad copies that explain features & benefits. There are way too many ads of that sort and people have grown immune to them.

Don’t feel shy to show your personality. Are you sarcastic? Do you have a funny side? Are you witty?

Let it flow through your Ad copy. Clever Ad copy always trumps clear ones. It is one of the top SEM best practices to impart your personality to your copy to write good Adwords Ad.

Which of the 2 ads below do you think did better?

clear ad copy


Clever Ad Copy

source: Wordstream


The 2nd ad got a whopping 18% more clicks. And it is obviously more engaging.


5. Test Your Ads to Write Better Ad Copy

To write good Adwords Ad Copy, you must spend enough time testing them. Testing is one of the best ways to improve SEM strategy. While testing, ask the following questions to improve your Google Ad Copy.

  • What to improve in your Ad?
  • Which tool will you use to measure results – Adwords, Google Analytics, Fedingo, etc?
  • Which part of Ad are you testing – headline, description, CTA, etc?
  • What are your Ad variations? Only change the part you are testing
  • What will you do with the results?


Writing a good PPC ad copy is an iterative process, based on creativity, data-driven insights and experimentation. Write multiple Ad copy versions, A/B test them and monitor your website traffic with the help of a Google Analytics Reporting Tool to pick the most converting one. Hopefully, the above tips will help you write good Google Ad Copy for your company, clients & customers.


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