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Top 5 Free Content Marketing Courses for Your Business

Content marketing courses help you develop content strategy for your business, build buyer persona, create useful content and promote it in different ways. Here are the top 5 free content marketing courses you can try to help you with content marketing for your business.


Top 5 Free Content Marketing Courses for Your Business

Here are the top 5 free content marketing courses to help you grow your business.


1. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is one of the best content marketing courses for marketers and business owners. It is a collection of free courses that covers various digital marketing topics such as content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and more.

They are all free to learn and consist of videos and text-based tutorials. Under content marketing, Google offers 26 courses from beginner level to advanced level topics. You can take up the courses as and when it works for you, in any order.

Registration is free and after course completion, you get a recognized certification from Google.

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2. Hubspot Content Marketing

Hubspot content marketing is one of the most popular content marketing courses that helps marketers improve their content marketing skills and strategy.

More than 100,000 marketers have used this course so far. It consists of 12 different lessons and is designed to help beginners as well as advanced marketers.

It is regularly updated to include fresh marketing techniques and ideas to help you keep pace with the latest trends.

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3. QuickSprout University

Quicksprout University is another free content marketing training course that you can use without signing up for a mailing list or creating an account.

They have video tutorials for many marketing topics from content marketing to social media marketing. Under content marketing section, they have organized videos by level of difficulty.

So it is suitable for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced marketers.

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4. Udemy

Udemy provides tons of courses for various topics. However, their free content marketing course by Shani Raja is well-rated and used by more than 34,000 participants.

This course is organized so as to help you achieve 4 levels of writing mastery. It is very useful for beginners as well advanced marketers and helps you create any kind of content – email, blog, ad copy, etc.

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5. Coursera

Coursera offers a free content marketing course developed by University of California. It is suitable for entrepreneurs who are looking for ideas to attract prospects, engage them with content and convert them into customers.

It also teaches you how to increase your business visibility via social media and increase conversions. It includes a hands-on tutorial that helps you apply these techniques.


Hopefully, the above content marketing courses will help you develop a good content marketing strategy for your business.


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