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Top 5 Email Marketing Examples to Grow Your Business

Email marketing examples help you create professional-looking emails for your business. They are a good source of ideas & inspiration for email marketers. Here are the top 5 email marketing examples you can learn from in order to grow your business.


Top 5 Email Marketing Examples to Grow Your Business

Here are top 5 email marketing examples to help you grow your business.


1. Duffy’s Sports Grill

If you are restaurant or ecommerce business, you would likely want to showcase your top products to entice your email readers to click through to your website. That is exactly what Duffy’s email does with its email marketing examples.

email marketing examples 1


In the above you can see that Duffy’s has laid a full meal’s menu for eyes to feast on – an appetizer, 2-3 rounds of entree, and finally the dessert.

As you scroll down, you see a natural flow of content that showcases their top items, and gives readers a good idea of what to expect from their brand.


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2. Autopilot

Every online business sends a welcome email on sign up. It is an opportunity to create a good first impression. Here’s a great email marketing example of a simple yet informative welcome email, by Autopilot flight school.

email marketing examples 2


There are 3 parts to this emails. The first section welcomes the user and briefly describes what Autopilot is all about. The next section lists the top 4 benefits of their service. Finally, they provide a call to action to continue.

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3. Snagit

Sometimes a few words are not sufficient to describe your business and benefits. In such cases, explainer videos can go a long way in helping readers understand more about your business and take the next step.

Typically, videos are found on website home pages. However, you can also include the same (if not different) video in your marketing examples, to help users imagine how your product or service works, and how it can help them.

Here’s a great email marketing example by Snagit, an all-in-one screen image and video capture software.

email marketing examples 3

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4. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most popular bloggers who sends really effective marketing emails. If you are blogger or content marketer who wants to promote content, here’s an email marketing example that you can use to reach out to influencers or other bloggers.

email marketing examples 4

It clearly mentions the blog post title along with its link. It also gives a short description of what the post is about so influencers can quickly decide if it is useful for them.

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5. Hubspot

Weekly round up emails are a great way to keep your subscribers up-to-date about your content, by listing the most recent content pieces published over past week.

Hubspot does a great job of listing all the key blog posts they published last week. For each blog post they display its featured image, title, short description and a call to action button that users can click to read full post.

email marketing examples 5

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Hopefully, the above email marketing examples will help you craft amazing marketing emails for your business.


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