Technical seo checklist

Technical SEO Checklist for Your Business

Technical SEO refers to the technical steps you need to take to ensure that your website is SEO-friendly. It makes your website technically sound and lays a solid foundation to ensure that your website is crawled and indexed properly. Here’s a technical SEO checklist you can use to optimize your website.


Technical SEO Checklist for Your Business

Here’s a technical SEO checklist for your reference.


1. Use HTTPS

HTTPS is one of the ranking factors in SEO and it is essential that your website serves pages over HTTPS, especially the ones that require user information such as login and sign up pages.

You can easily confirm if your website uses HTTPS by looking at the URL bar of your browser. If it shows a padlock sign, then your website uses HTTPS, else it is HTTP.

enable https


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2. Consolidate Different Versions of your website

Typically, websites are separately available as different versions – http-www, http-non-www, https-www, http-non-www as shown:


Please note, Google sees them as different websites, and therefore they should all redirect to one version.

It is up to you to choose www or non-www version of your website. People commonly use

Once you have finalized your desired version, make sure that all other versions of your website redirect permanently to this version.

This way, when Google crawls different versions of your website, it will be redirected to the right version.


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3. Fix Crawl Errors

Google Search Console is a really useful tool that reports crawl and indexing errors with your website. Make sure you regularly view these reports and fix these errors as soon as possible.

search console report

Also, make sure to identify the underlying causes of these errors such as broken links, duplicate content, etc.


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4. Fix broken Links

Google Search Console also provides a list of 404 errors or broken links. One of the most important items on technical SEO checklist is to review & fix broken links as soon as possible by redirecting them to their latest locations.

Too many broken links can spoil user experience and adversely affect SEO rankings.

Similarly, find and fix any redirect loops that endlessly redirect you from one page to another without rendering any content.


5. Improve Site Speed

Site speed is a key SEO ranking factor since low site speed causes poor user experience and high bounce rate. Use tools like Pagespeed Insights to determine your page speed and identify ways to improve it.

Pagespeed Insights evaluates your web pages and recommends areas of improvement such as image compression, gzipping of static CSS, JS files, etc.

pagespeed insights


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6. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Google provides a free mobile-friendly testing tool to check if your website is responsive or not.

Today, most search queries are made on mobile devices and Google has switched to mobile-first indexing for all sites.

mobile friendly test


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7. Use an SEO-Friendly URL Structure

Just as intuitive URLs help people understand what the page is about, similarly, intuitive URLs make it easy for Google to understand its contents, and rank them for appropriate keywords and search terms.

For example, the URL

is more intuitive than

So use natural language words in your URLs instead of numbers and use hyphens instead of underscores to help Google understand URL structure easily.


8. Limit Page depth to 3

Make sure that every page on your website is accessible within 3 clicks, from your home page. Otherwise, they will be hard to crawl and deemed less important than other pages by Google.

Use a site audit tool to measure the page depth of your web pages and flatten your website structure.


Hopefully, the above technical SEO checklist will help you optimize your website.


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