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SEO Keyword Research Checklist

Keyword Research is one of the most important aspects of a successful SEO strategy. If you don’t target the right keywords and search phrases then you may attract wrong audience to your website. Here’s an SEO keyword research checklist you can keep handy for your website/blog.


Keyword Research Checklist for SEO

Here are the key steps to do keyword research checklist for SEO.


1. Seed Keywords

First step is to make a list of the main keywords, topics and sub topics associated with your business, website, blog, brand, products or services. For example, if you have an online store that sells fishing gear, your seed keywords will be something like summer fishing, fishing techniques, fishing locations etc. They can also be related to your niche. They can be features or even benefits of your products & services.

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2. Drill-down on main keywords

Think of how people might search for your products & services, and for each seed keyword, write down 5-10 long tail keywords, category by category. For example, you may target keywords like bait fishing, fly fishing, bait casting, etc under fishing techniques seed keyword.


3. Use Google Search Console

Use Google Search Console to find out the keywords that generates most traffic for your website/blog. Add them to your list of keywords.

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4. Competitor Analysis

Review your competitor’s landing pages and feature pages to determine their target keywords. Add them to your keyword list.


5. Use Google Search

Enter each of these words into Google Search and look at the “related suggestions” that appear below search results. Add them to your keyword list.

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6. Leverage Keyword Research Tools

Now you might have a reasonably large number of keywords in your list. Plug each keyword in your list, into a keyword research tool like Adwords Planner, Ahrfs, SEMRush, Wordstream to get more keyword ideas. Select those keywords that generate at least 500 visitors per month.


7. Optimize content

Target 2 keywords per page and update your title, meta description and header tags to include these keywords.




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