how to increase adwords conversion rate

How to Increase Adwords Conversion Rate

Adwords is one of the most popular PPC platforms that allows you to promote your products & services through paid ads on Google. However, if users don’t click on your ads or become customers after visiting your website, then all your marketing effort will go in vain. So it is essential to keep an eye on Adwords conversion rate and increase adwords conversions anyway you can. Here are some tips to increase Adwords conversion rate for your business & clients and improve your SEM strategy


How to Increase Adwords Conversion Rate

Here are some ways to increase Adwords Conversion Rate for your products & services.


1. Align Ad Copy with Landing Page

One of the most effective ways to increase Adwords conversion rate is to align your Ad copy with what is present on your landing page.

Your Ad copy may be brilliant and many might click on it but if they don’t find what you offer in your ads, also on your landing page, they will leave immediately.

So you will unnecessarily lose money on useless clicks. Therefore, when you write Adwords Ad, make sure what you claim in your Ad copy, you follow it up on your landing page.

If both your Ad copy and landing page talk about the same product/service it will result in a better Ad quality score and conversion rate.


2. Improve CTA

Every Adwords Ad must contain a call-to-action (CTA) that clearly tells the viewers what they need to do (e. click, signup, share, etc) after they see your Ad. Only then more people will click your ads. Which of the following ads do you think got more clicks?

improve adwords cta

Studies have also shown that get, buy and shop are the top performing CTA keywords.

top performing cta

source: Wordstream


3. Use Social Proof

People are increasingly relying on their social circles and third-party reviews to make purchase decisions. In fact, did you know that a whopping 64% people look for Google reviews on products and businesses.

So leverage social proof when you write Google Text ads to add more credibility to your products and improve google ads. Here’s a simple example of how a business mentions its ratings to boost adwords conversion rate. You can also mention the number of reviews your business has received.

adwords social proof


There are many Adwords extensions that allow you to easily add a social proof to your Google Ads and increase adwords conversion rate.


4. Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the best ways to increase Adwords conversion rate, especially if people click on your ads, visit your website but don’t convert.

It may not be possible to convert first-time site visitors, but if you remarket your products & services to them again & again while they are on other sites, then you will be able to convert them better.

Basically, when you enable remarketing, Google will serve your Ad to website visitors who didn’t convert, when they are browsing other sites that also display Google Ads. This way they see your ad repeatedly and are very likely to come back to your website.

It works because, when a person clicks your Ad initially and visits your website, it shows they are interested in your products & services. So it makes sense to go after them aggressively to improve your Google Adwords campaign.

In fact, not only Google Adwords but Facebook Ads and Bing Ads also offer remarketing.


5. Improve Click Through Rate (CTR)

Click Through Rate is the percent of people who click your ads, after seeing it. So if you improve your Ad CTR, then it will lead to more clicks.  This is one of the most important SEM Best practices to increase Adwords conversion rate.

Here are some ways to increase click through rate:

  • Target the right audience – Use parameters like location, demographics, online behavior, etc to specify your Ad target audience clearly
  • Make sure that each word of your Ad title begins with a capital letter
  • Position your ads properly to increase visibility. The more people see it, the more clicks you will get.


Test Your Ads

No matter which tip you use, make sure you constantly monitor your conversion rates using a marketing reporting tool, and A/B test each Ad variation to identify top converting ones.


There are plenty of ways to increase Adwords conversion rate but the above ones are simple to implement and very effective. Hopefully, they will improve Adwords conversion rate for your business, clients & customers.


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