how to create google adwords extensions

How to Create Google Adwords Extensions

Adwords Extensions allow you to improve Google Ad clicks by making your Google Ads occupy more space, and add interactive features such as countdown timers, sitelinks, buttons, reviews, etc. Here’s how to create Google Adwords extensions to make your Google Ads stand apart.


Why Do Search Ad Extensions Matter?

Ad extensions allow you to add more content to your Google Ads, such as sitelinks, review, call to action buttons, etc that make your PPC ads occupy more space on search results page. Ad extensions make your Ads more prominent and increase click-through rates. In fact, they also provide users more interactive ways to interact with your Ads via calls or maps. Overall, it improves Ad quality score and improves Ad ranking, thereby driving more clicks.

Here’s an example of a Nike Google Ad that uses sitelinks extension.

sitelink ad extensions example

Just look at the amount of screen space it occupies, compared to a normal Google Text Ad.


How to Create Google Adwords Extensions

Here are the steps to create Google Adwords Extensions for your business.


1. Log into Google


2. Select your campaign or ad group


3. Click “Ads & Extensions” tab on the left


4. Click “Extensions” tab across the top


5. Click “+” sign to create Ad extension


6. You will see a dropdown menu of various Ad extensions supported by Google Ads. Select the extension you want.


7. You will see a page with Ad extension customization options. Customize the ad extension as per your requirements. Google will show you a preview of your Ad as make changes to it.


8. Click Save to save ad extension.


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That’s it! You can easily create Google Adwords extensions to increase click-through rates and get more customers.


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