how to create sitelink extensions google ads

How to Create Sitelink Extensions in Google Ads

Sitelink Ad extensions allow you to display deep links to different parts of your website, in your Google¬† Ad. They improve Ad quality and clickthrough rates, and increase website traffic for your business. Here’s how to create sitelink extensions in Google Ads


What are Google Sitelink Extensions?

Google Sitelink Extensions are Ad extensions that allow you to display additional sitelinks in your Google search Ads. This allows your Google Ads to occupy more screen space, and get more clicks. It also improves your Ad quality and Ad position. Sitelink extensions can be added manually by yourself or automatically by Google. However, if you create a manual ad extension, it will override the automated site extension. There is no additional cost to add sitelink extensions. However, when users click these sitelinks you will be charged for those clicks.

Here’s an example of sitelink extensions

sitelink ad extensions example

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How many sitelink extensions can you have?

You need at least 2 sitelinks extensions for sitelinks to appear in your Google Ads. You can have up to 4 sitelinks.

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How to Create Sitelink Extensions in Google Ads

Here are the steps to create sitelink extensions in Google Ads.


1. Go to Ad Extensions tab in your Google Adwords account.


2. Select Sitelink Extensions in View Menu.

select sitelink extensions

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3. Click ‘+ Extension‘ button

add extension


4. Click New Sitelink Extension


5. You will see a popup form where you can configure sitelink for your Google Ad. Enter Link text, URL, description, etc. for your sitelink.

sitelink extensions configuration

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6. If you want your sitelink to be displayed for mobile devices, check Device Preference box. For mobile devices, you can create 15-17 character sitelinks only.


7. You can create extended sitelink Ad extension by adding 1-2 lines of description, to be displayed below sitelink in your Google Ad.

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8. If you want the sitelink to be displayed between specific dates, expand start/end scheduling tab and enter start & end dates & time when you want the sitelink to be shown. This is useful for a time-bound promotion.


9. Click Save to create your sitelink extensions. You need at least 2 and at most 4 sitelink extensions in a Google Ad, so that they are displayed.


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