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How To Create Remarketing List in Adwords

Creating Remarketing Lists in Adwords allows Google to automatically create a list of website visitors who need to be targeted in Remarketing Ads (also called Retargeting Ads). Here’s how to create remarketing list in Adwords.


How To Create Remarketing List in Adwords

Here are the steps to create remarketing list in Adwords.


1. Log into Google Adwords.


2. Click Tools icon and then click Shared Library.


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3. Click Audience Manager


4. Click Audience Lists


5. Click big blue + button and select Website Visitors


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6. You will see a form to enter Remarketing list details.

create remarketing list in adwords


7. Enter Remarketing List Name to name the list of website visitors.


8. Choose between Web and App. Choose web if you want to create remarketing list from website visitors. Choose App if you want to choose from App users.


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9. Select a filtering criteria from dropdown list for “Who to Add to Your List“. Depending on your choice, Google will select visitors who match the condition and create remarketing list for you. For example, if you select “Visitors of a page” and enter the page URL, then Google will select all visitors who visit that page and add them to your remarketing list.

You’ll also see a checkbox to include/exclude past visitors who match your condition. Check/Uncheck it depending on your requirement.


10. Enter membership duration, that is, the number of days a visitors should be placed in your remarketing list before being removed automatically. Generally, you can keep this value as 45 to make your retargeting campaigns more effective.


11. Optionally enter a description for your remarketing list


12. Click Save to save your remarketing list.


Please ensure you have added remarketing tag to your website/app to allow Google to track visitors and create remarketing list.



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