how to add structured snippets adwords

How to Add Structured Snippets in Adwords

Stuctured Snippets allow you to highlight key features & benefits of your products & services in Google Ads. They help visitors better understand your products & services, improve credibility and Ad quality, leading to higher clickthrough rates. Here’s how to add structured snippets in Google Adwords Ads.


What are Structured Snippets Extensions in Google Ads

Structured snippet extensions allow you to display specific aspects of your products & services such as benefits and features. Each snippet can have a header text, followed by 3-5 features. They make it easier for people to get more details about your business, before clicking your Ad. They make your Ads look more credible and compelling, and increase clickthroughs. Structured Snippets are not clickable since they are plain texts.

Here’s an example

google ad structured snippet extensions

In the above ad, “Styles” is the header for structured snippet and “Chukka, Combat, Cowboy, Chelsea” is the comma-separated list of values.

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How Many Structured Snippets Can You Have?

You can have only one or more structured snippet extension per Google Ad. Generally Advertisers display upto 1-2  structured snippets in their Google Ads.

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What Content can be used for Structured Snippet Extension?

There are 2 parts to structured snippets¬† – header and list of comma-separated items. Google has a list of pre-defined headers (Amenites, Brands, etc) you can choose from. Depending on your Choice of header, you can use any text for the comma-separated items. Here’s a screenshot of what headers are supported in Structured Snippets.

add structured snippet in adwords

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How to Add Structured Snippets in Google Ads

Here are the steps to add structured snippets in Google Ads. Please note, since Google frequently changes the user interface of Google Adwords, some of the following steps might be different for you. Nevertheless, the overall approach remains the same.


1. Go to Ad Extensions tab in your Google Adwords account.


2. Select Structured Snippet Extensions in View Menu.

select sitelink extensions


3. Click ‘+ Extension‘ button


4. Click New Structured Snippet Extension


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5. You will see a form to configure structured snippet extension

add structured snippet in adwords

6. Select Header from the dropdown-menu. Enter text for value 1, value2, value 3, etc textboxes. These values will be displayed in a comma-separated manner. For example, if you select Header as “Styles” and enter “Blue” as Value1, “Red” as Value2, and “Green” as Value3, your structured snippet will be displayed as “Styles: Blue, Red, Green” as an additional line below the Ad header. If you want to display more than 3 values, click “+Add”.


7. If you want structured snippet extension to be displayed only in Mobile devices, click the checkbox for Device preferences.


8. If you want the structured snippet extension to be displayed between specific dates, expand start/end scheduling tab and enter start & end dates & time when you want the structured snippet to be shown. This is useful for a time-bound promotion.


9. Click Save to create your structured snippet extension.


Hopefully, now you can easily add structured snippet extensions in Google Ads.


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