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5 Tips to Improve SEM Strategy

An effective SEM strategy is required to improve search engine marketing. It can go a long way in attracting more website visitors, increasing Adwords conversion rate and improving PPC marketing. Here are 5 tips to improve SEM strategy of your business, clients and customers.


5 Tips to Improve SEM Strategy

Here are 5 tips to improve SEM strategy for online marketers and digital agencies. No matter what you do to improve SEM strategy, make sure that you monitor your website traffic with a marketing reporting tool to understand what’s working, and optimize your strategy.


1. Create Urgency

Nobody wants to miss out on a great deal, especially when it has a time limit. People always want to know what they stand to lose, or might not get.

It is known as Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and is an effective psychology to lure people to click on your PPC ads. In fact, it is one of the most common SEM best practices.

Add a sense of urgency in your SEM ads by including a countdown. When you write Adwords Ad, use a countdown timer to inform people that they’re running out of time, unless they visit your website or sign up for your product/service.

Here’s a sample Google Ad that uses countdown timer:

google ads fomo


2. Use Similar Audiences in Your Campaigns

Did you know that Marketing platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook can automatically find audiences that are similar to your existing website visitors and remarket your products/services to them?

If a certain type of visitors has driven good conversion, you can tell these Ad platforms to target users who are similar to these visitors. These new audience may share similar interests, or have a similar behavior or background with your existing audience. In fact, using ‘Similar Audiences’ feature can result in 60% growth in impressions, 48% increase in clicks and 41% growth in conversions.

google similar audiences

Here’s how to set up Similar Audiences for your Google Ads.


3. Personalize Ads by Audience & Device

The easiest way to improve SEM strategy for your business is to personalize your ad campaigns. In fact, personalization can help marketers reduce acquisition costs by 50%, through personalization.

Google Adwords provides ‘IF Functions’ that allows you to define customized ad copy for audience that fits a specific condition. If the condition is not satisfied then it will show the default text.

This makes your ads more relevant to each target audience. Google Ads allows you to use IF Functions by device or by audience.

A device-specific IF Function allows you to customize ads on mobile devices, while audience-specific one allows you to personalize Ads based on audience behavior. For example, you can offer 25% discount for cart abandoners while 15% discount for email subscribers.


4. Improve Google Quality Score

Another simple way to improve SEM strategy is to improve your Google Quality Score, by using a consistent theme for your Google Ads.

Google Quality score is a measure of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Higher score can result in better ad positions and lower costs.

Google Quality Score is very much dependent on relevance and organization of your ads. So when you write Google text Ad, organize the keywords in your ads to match searcher intent, make sure your landing pages also have these keywords and include these keywords in ad copy to make it relevant.


5. Take advantage of Ad Customizer parameters

If you promote multiple products & services, or even different models of the same product, it is tedious to create & manage multiple ads to promote them. Ad customizers make this really easy with automation.

In fact, Ad Customizers are a boon to improve SEM strategy. You can easily manage different parameters (e.g price, time sensitivity, ad copy, etc) of all your ads using just a simple spreadsheet. Whenever you want to update something, simply make the changes in your spreadsheet and upload it again. All changes will be applied to appropriate Ad groups.


Hopefully, the above tips will help you improve SEM strategy for your business, clients & customers.


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