How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

Did you know you can Schedule posts on Facebook? It’s important regularly to maintain a regular Facebook presence to grow your audience and engage them effectively. However, you can’t be on Facebook all the time. So how can you go about posting messages regularly to your Facebook Page? The answer is Scheduled Facebook Posts. Facebook allows you to schedule posts and updates for future, with just a few clicks. Here’s how you can schedule posts on Facebook and manage scheduled posts to stay in touch with your fans, even when you’re unable to be online.


1. How to Schedule Posts on Facebook?

Facebook’s post scheduling feature makes it easy to schedule posts and updates, if you’re out of office, or you’re in a different time zone than your target audience. Instead of manually posting articles & updates on your Facebook Page, you can simply schedule posts to be published at a future date & time.

Please note, scheduled posts is available only for Facebook Business Pages. Earlier, you could use the Facebook Post scheduling feature to:

  1. Schedule post on personal Facebook page
  2. Schedule Facebook post on Friend’s wall
  3. Schedule post to Facebook Groups

However, now you can only schedule posts on Facebook Business. If you want to schedule Facebook posts on personal page, you’ll need to use one of the social media scheduling tools.

Here’s how you can schedule a post on Facebook for free.

First of all, you need to go to your Facebook Business Page, type your update and paste a link, as you would normally do with standard Facebook posts. You’ll see the associated image is displayed below your status message. You can change it by clicking an image thumbnail from the list shown below the default post image, or click ‘+’ sign to upload a new image.

Please note, once you schedule a post on Facebook, you cannot change or edit its image. You’ll have to delete the scheduled post and start afresh.

Next, you can update the post title and description by editing their text, as you need, by simply clicking on it.

Now, click the down arrow next to the publish button.

This will show a dropdown with a list of publishing options. Click Schedule from the dropdown list.


You’ll see a form where you need to select publishing schedule for your post on Facebook. Select the date & time when you want your post to be published, and click Schedule. That’s it!

facebook publishing schedule


You can schedule post on Facebook Groups using Social Media Management Tools.

2. How to edit scheduled posts

What do you do if you make a mistake while scheduling Facebook posts, or you need to make changes to it before publishing? Facebook allows you to edit scheduled posts before they’re published. However, you can only edit the post title & description at this point. If you need to change the image or link in your Facebook post, you’ll need to delete the entire Facebook post and create a new one instead.

To edit a scheduled post on Facebook, go through your activity log to find the particular post that you want to edit. Hover the mouse pointer over your post, you’ll see an arrow on the top right corner, click it.

edit facebook scheduled posts

Next, you’ll see a menu appear. Choose Edit option. Edit your post as you need and click done after you’ve finished editing your post. The updated post will still be published as per the schedule you’ve set earlier.


3. How to Reschedule Posts on Facebook?

What if you want to change the scheduled date and/or time for your Facebook posts? Facebook allows you to even reschedule your posts with just a couple of clicks.

To reschedule post on Facebook, visit your activity log and find the post you want to reschedule. Hover your mouse over the post. You’ll see an arrow on top right corner, as mentioned earlier. This time, select Reschedule option.

You’ll see a pop up form where you can select the new date and time when you want to publish the post. Click Reschedule after you’re done. ┬áThe post will be rescheduled to be published at the new date & time.

how to reschedule facebook post

Sometimes, you may feel the need to move up a scheduled post and publish it sooner. To publish your post immediately, you need to go to your activity log, as before, and find your post. Hover over it and click the arrow on the top right corner. You’ll see a dropdown menu. Select the option Publish Now and your scheduled post will be published immediately.

You can also delete your scheduled post similarly, by clicking the Delete Post option from the dropdown menu that you see above.


4. How to Share Scheduled Posts?

Did you know you can share scheduled posts on other social media platforms and even through email? Facebook provides a URL for each scheduled post, that you can easily share with others.

To get the URL for your scheduled post, visit your activity log and go to the post you want to share. Click the post to open it in a new page. Copy the page URL. That’s it! You can share it with your friends and colleagues.

how to share scheduled facebook posts

However, it’s important to note that users can see your scheduled posts only after they are published on Facebook, unless they are Facebook Page Admins. If people click on a scheduled post URL before it is published, they’ll see a “post not available” message.


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Hopefully, this will help you schedule posts on Facebook Business Page. Scheduling posts on Facebook is an amazing feature that enables brands and businesses to reach out to their target audience, even when they’re not around. It not only saves a lot of time but also allows you to engage your fans & customers who are in a different timezone altogether. You can schedule posts once a week and forget about manually posting updates every day.

The key is to find out the best times to schedule post on Facebook using Audience Insights, to maximize post reach and engagement. You can also use one of the social media analytics tools to find out the best posting times and the type of content that drives most engagement.

Although post scheduling provides a fair bit of automation, it’s advisable to manually respond to likes, shares & comments, as well as reply to direct messages, to engage your audience effectively and build your brand.


Do you have any tips about scheduling posts on Facebook?