How to Find LSI Keywords: The Complete Guide to LSI Keyword Research

LSI Keywords are the latest buzzwords in search engine optimization. What are LSI keywords? How to include LSI Keywords for SEO?

Google Search Algorithm keeps getting smarter by the day. In old days, Google would only display search results that directly contained actual target keywords or phrases, or their synonyms. Now Google search even shows results that don’t contain actual keywords but are related to your search term. How does that happen? The answer is LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords)


What are LSI Keywords?

LSI Keywords (also called semantic keywords) are basically keyword phrases that are semantically related to your main target keyword. LSI Keywords add more context to your main keywords and help google perform semantic search based on the meaning and context of your search terms, instead of simply looking for actual keywords and their synonyms in your content.

For example, the term “Apple” can mean the fruit or the company. However, when you type “Apple Screen size”, Google clearly understands that you’re talking about the Apple company and not the fruit. In fact, when you use a semantically related search term such as “screen size”, Google even understands that you’re looking for iPhone Screen size, although you didn’t mention “iPhone” in your search keyword phrase.

lsi keywords example


Learn How to Do Keyword Research for SEO


How to find LSI Keywords?

There are many keyword tools to find LSI keywords for your target search keyword. However, the easiest way to find LSI keywords is to simply use Google search. Google Search provides 2 amazing latent semantic indexing tools to find LSI keywords – Google autocomplete & related searches.

Autocomplete – When you type a search term such as “online marketing”, you must have observed that google shows 4-5 search suggestions. Each suggestion is nothing but an LSI keyword for your main keyword term.

google auto suggest lsi keyword research

Related search – Also, when you scroll to the bottom of search results you’ll see a bunch of search terms under “Searches related to” section. Each related search terms is an LSI Keyword.

related search semantic lsi keyword research

Google Keyword Planner – You can also use Google Keyword Planner for semantic keyword research of LSI keywords, get monthly search volume and competition information for LSI keywords.


Best LSI Keyword Tools

SEOPressor and LSI Graph are couple of the best LSI Keyword Tools you can use for Semantic Keyword Research. LSI Graphs is an easy-to-use web-based LSI keyword generator. You type in your main keyword phrase and it will generate a list of LSI keywords for you.

lsi graph keyword generator

SEOPressor is a WordPress Plugin for LSI Keywords, that fetches semantic keywords that are related to the focus keyword of your blog post, from various search APIs. It provides tons of LSI keyword suggestions for your content, and other features such as on-page SEO checks & multi-keyword analysis, automatic smart linking, social seo, over optimization checks for LSI keywords.

seopressor lsi keyword research tool

In fact, SEOPressor is also powered by LSI Graph.


How to include LSI Keywords for SEO?

Once you’ve written your article and done LSI Keyword Research, you need to include them in different parts of your page to help Google understand the context of your article. For example, if you write an article about “Apple” company, then you would include LSI keywords such as iPhone, Mac, Stock Prices, Tim Cook, etc.

Instead, if you use keywords such as juice, pie, slushes, health benefits, etc. then Google will interpret that your article is about the Apple fruit.

Here’s an example of how Shred Source has optimized their page for online guitar lessons using LSI keywords such as “Online Guitar Training”

Where to include LSI Keywords

LSI Keywords follow the same rules as your main keywords and long-tail keywords. You can include LSI keywords anywhere in your articles in:

  • title tag
  • header tags
  • permalinks
  • anchor texts
  • beginning paragraph
  • ending paragraph

Avoid stuffing your article with the same LSI keywords again and again. The best part about LSI keywords is that you can use a variety of different keywords to indicate relevance to the same main topic. So you don’t have to use the same LSI keyword repeatedly. For example, whether you use keywords like iPhone & iPad, or use keywords like Tim Cook & Cupertino, Google will understand that you’re article is about Apple company.

So spread out a variety of LSI keywords that are relevant to your main keyword phrase, throughout your article, to provide more context and meaning to your content.



LSI Keywords are a great way to help Google understand the relevance and context of your articles, without making them look spammy and unnatural. You can use them to improve search engine ranking for your website, as well as rank your pages for more indirect search terms. If used correctly, LSI keywords can boost your search engine rankings, drive more traffic and grow your business faster.


Do you use LSI keywords in your content? Would you like to share any tips & tricks with us?