How to Increase Facebook Engagement

It’s essential to increase Facebook engagement with interesting posts & updates, in order to grow your Facebook Audience. When a post gets a lot of likes & comments, it indicates to Facebook that many people are actually in that content. So it appears on the news feeds of more people who are interested in similar content or have a similar Facebook profile. However, ,with so many businesses competing for attention on Facebook, it has become more difficult than ever to engage your audience. Here are 9 Facebook Engagement ideas you can use to get more likes, shares and comments for your Facebook posts.


How to Increase Facebook Engagement

1. Post at the most suitable times

One of the most important tricks to increase Facebook engagement is to post your updates at the right time for your target audience, when their engagement is highest, and not just when they’re logged in. You’ll be surpised to know that although most users log into Facebook during the day, the maximum engagement happens at night. Can’t believe it? BuzzSumo publishes Facebook posts between 10.p.m and midnight, as they found these timings drove the highest engagement.

best posting time on facebook

As you can see, most people post updates at around 11.a.m. That’s also when engagement is the lowest. It’s because your news feed is flooded with so many updates that people simply skim through them. At night, there are fewer posts on News Feed so people spend more time on each post and engage with them.


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2. Share content that is interesting to your fans

If you want to drive more Facebook engagement, you need to post content that your fans are actually interested in reading about. Most businesses only post content about their products or industry. For example, a deli might post photos of sandwiches, deals & offers, and company news. But the fact is that people don’t want to read about sandwiches all day, or even every day for that matter. So it’s important to broaden the scope of your content and also cover other topics that your target audience might be interested in, even if they’re not directly related to your business. For example, the deli could post about health tips and nutrition, interesting recipes, and other useful content.


3. Analyze your most engaging posts

The easiest way to increase Facebook engagement is to identify the most engaging pieces of content that you posted in the past, and create the same type of content. There are so many social media analytics tools that can easily help you find out your most engaging posts and updates.

facebook posts with most engagement

Once you identify your most engaging posts, look at them in details. What is the topic? What is its category? What tone did you use – formal, casual or playful? What type of post is it – a list, tutorial, detailed guide, or something else? Once you go through a handful of top posts you’ll begin to see a pattern emerge about the type of content that your target audience likes to read.


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4. Use Real photos

According to Social Media Examiner, 75% of Facebook posts are photos, and account for 87% of content shared on the social platform. Why? Because people love looking at photos. Not just any photos, but actual real-life photos of people doing various things in their life.

facebook photos engagement

Unfortunately, most business pages resort to stock photos or generic images that only kills user engagement. Instead, use actual lifestyle photos of your business, office, employees, products and even customers to liven up your business page and boost Facebook engagement.


5. Reply to messages

Most people simply post updates on their Facebook Pages and move on. What do you do when someone leaves a comment, or sends a direct message? The longer you make your audience wait for replies, the less likely it will drive engagement. So check your comments and messages a few times every day, and ensure you reply as soon as possible. If you reply to people, they’ll feel valued and engage more often, and may even help spread the word.


6. Create content tailored for Facebook

If you want your business to succeed on Facebook, you need to write blog posts specifically for the social media platform. If you have an active Facebook Business Page, you can use tip#2 to find out the most engaging posts and find out why they did so well. Else, you can also use content curation tools like BuzzSumo to find out what type of content about your business, product or industry does well on Facebook. You can also use BuzzSumo to find out how your competitors’ posts are doing. Typically list-based posts and articles that create curiosity tend to drive engagement on Facebook. Also, ensure that you use large high-resolution images and a catchy headline to grab user attention.


7. Reach out to people to engage

It’s a no brainer but so few people do it anyway. If you want people to engage with your posts, ask them to do so. Make it clear in your posts that you want them to like and share it. People are overloaded with content these days and little call to action can definitely help increase Facebook Engagement. At the end of each blog post, you can include a simple request readers to share your post if they like it.


8. Leverage Facebook Videos

Have you noticed that videos are taking over the Facebook News Feed these days? In fact, video posts occupy much more screen space that text or image based posts. That’s because Facebook has built its own video platform which tends to favor videos directly uploaded to Facebook, over those from YouTube and other third party sites. According to Search Engine Journal, compared to YouTube videos, native Facebook ones received 2x comments, 3x shares, and 2x more reach. So upload videos directly to Facebook, instead of sharing links to YouTube videos.

facebook engagement of native videos vs youtube videos

9. Keep your Facebook posts short & sweet

Don’t write epic long-form posts on your Facebook Page. Keep them short and sweet. According to the following Facebook Engagement stats, posts that are less than 50 characters in length, drive maximum engagement.

optimal facebook post length

The longer your Facebook posts, the lesser the engagement. Basically, think of them as news snippets. Write an awesome headline with a couple of lines of description, an attractive image and a link to the full story. That’s all you need to engage your audience. Use your Facebook posts to tempt people to click-through to your website.


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There are many different ways to engage fans on Facebook Page. The key is to understand what kind of content resonates with your target audience and produce more of it. Also, since Facebook regularly changes the layout of its New Feed, it’s also important to know what kind of posts (photos, videos, etc) are favored by the social media platform. Hopefully, the above Facebook post engagement tips can help you increase engagement on Facebook Page, improve Facebook Engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments), grow your audience and build your brand on Facebook.


What tips & tricks do you use to drive Facebook engagement? Please share them as comments.