How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts and Pages?

If you’re a social media marketer or an agency owner, you’ll need to create multiple Facebook accounts to manage various clients and businesses. However, managing multiple Facebook Accounts every day can quickly become tiresome and tedious. Here are 8 Ways to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts and save tons of time.


How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts


1. Create an Image Library

Facebook posts with Images are 2-3 times more engaging than those without. However, it’s very time-consuming to create graphic designs and images for your Facebook posts, if you don’t have a graphic designer. What you can do is create an image library that you can use to quickly add images to your Facebook posts.

Tools like Canva allow you to duplicate Facebook messages and change their images as shown below. This makes it easy to quickly create multiple copies of your Facebook posts with different images. You can even create separate folder of images for each brand, and alternate them when you want to post an update.

managing multiple facebook pages canva


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2. Create a Workflow

When you manage multiple Facebook accounts, one of the biggest problems you’ll face is to coordinate between various brands and teams. Since each brand has its own creatives, graphics and reports, it can quickly become overwhelming. You can use a tool like Trello to organize your work and manage all your clients and teams from one place.

Trello allows you to create workflow boards and add to-do lists to it to keep track of your workflow, assign tasks to different people and even add reminders. You can use Trello to create separate boards for each client, with their own to-do list. This will help you quickly manage the various tasks pertaining to your multiple Facebook accounts.

create workflow using trello


3. Use Social Media Management Tools

It can be really tedious to manage multiple Facebook accounts manually, logging in and out of each account as you check for updates and respond to comments & messages. Social Media Marketing Tools like Hootsuite make it super easy to manage multiple Facebook accounts from one place using a single online real-time dashboard. HootSuite enables you to connect to multiple Facebook accounts, aggregate their news feeds and monitor them from one place. You can even post updates and reply to messages directly from your Hootsuite dashboard.

hootsuite social media management platform

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4. Use evergreen content

Producing fresh content consistently can be quite challenging and time-consuming. So what do you do to maintain social media presence, even if you don’t generate a lot of content? Write evergreen content.

Evergreen content is piece of content that is not time-sensitive, and can therefore be posted again and again on Facebook. For example, this post is evergreen content. I can share this article multiple times on Facebook and it will continue to be relevant and useful. All I need to do is just change the title and image of my post. On the other hand, time sensitive articles  (e.g 5 Marketing Tips for 2017) and event-based articles (e.g Latest Marketing Trends from HubSpot Conference 2017) have a shelf-life.

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5. Schedule your Facebook Posts

If you manage multiple Facebook accounts, then it’s a bad idea to post updates manually. Something might come up at the last minute, and keep you from posting your update.

There are plenty of social media scheduling tools that allow you to schedule posts to Facebook and other social media platforms. In fact, even Facebook allows you to schedule posts natively on your Facebook Page.

schedule facebook posts

These scheduling tools even provide useful insights about the reach and engagement of your posts, as well as recommend suitable time to schedule posts to maximize impact.

While scheduling Facebook posts, keep in mind the timezone of your target audience. For example, if you’re in US and your target audience is in UK then schedule posts according to their time zone, not yours.

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6. Set aside a day for report generation

If you’re managing multiple Facebook accounts, chances are you need to generate multiple reports for your various clients. Keep aside 1 day every week or month, where you log into your Social Media Analytics Dashboard and generate social media reports for all your clients, at one go.

Social media management tools can generate reports in seconds and it’s best if you create  social media reports together. Generating reports on different days can keep you from doing other tasks such as researching topics, writing articles, posting updates and replying to comments and messages.

followerwonk social media analytics tool

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7. Stagger your Facebook Ads

Imagine running 5 Facebook Ads for different clients, all at the same time that end on the same day of the month. You won’t have enough time to produce Ad reports, analyze those reports, email them to your clients, and design new ads to run in their place. So it’s better to stagger your Facebook Ads so that they complete on different days. You can also  set Trello reminders for the next set of creative.

stagger facebook ads for multiple facebook accounts

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8. Automate tasks

Although automation is frowned up on in social media marketing, you can still automate a few tasks to make your life easier while managing multiple Facebook accounts. Tools like IFTTT and Zapier provide a few commands (called recipes) that you can use to automate the following:

  1. Report top articles from other websites or blogs
  2. Send automated replies (e.g will reply ASAP) on Facebook messenger, in case you’re away
  3. Automatically post the latest blog post to your Facebook Page, when it is published

ifttt multiple facebook pages

However, be careful when you automate social media marketing. Ensure, that you don’t post content on the wrong page, and don’t post the same content on multiple pages. This will drive away your clients. Also, only automate content from high quality websites, or your own blog. Else, it will drive away your fans too.

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Managing multiple Facebook accounts and pages is a lot of work, and a few hacks and social media tools like the one above can go a long way in making things easier for you.

What do you think? Do you have tips & tricks to manage multiple Facebook accounts efficiently?