How to Create Facebook Business Page

Today, having a Facebook Business Page is a must if you want to grow your business online. A Facebook Business Page makes it easy to promote your business on the social media platform, grow your audience and engage customers better. If you’re wondering “How to create Facebook Business Page for your Company?”, you’ve come to the right place.


Steps to Create Facebook Business Page

Here are the steps for setting up Facebook for Business, for your organization or company. It doesn’t cost anything to create Facebook Business Page.


1. Sign Up

Go to Facebook for Business and click “Create Page” on top right corner of your page. You’ll see a list of different page types to choose from, such as local business, company, and even brand or product. Select the type of business that you’re creating your Facebook Business Page for. If your business is applicable to more than one types, choose the one it best fits with.


select business type for facebook business page


Next you’ll be asked to select the category of your business – Restaurant, Cinema, Doctor, etc. Select the category of your business and fill out any other details, and click Next. Depending on the type of business you chose earlier, you may be asked to fill additional details. For example, you need to fill in your business address if you choose a local business type.

Business Address for Facebook Business Page


At this point, if you don’t have a Facebook account, or if you’re not logged into Facebook, you’ll be asked to either create a new account or login with your existing account. You cannot create Facebook business page without personal account.


2. Add details about your business

Next you can add more details about your business so that it’s easier for Facebook to display your business page to the right audience, and it’s easier for people to find your business on Facebook.

First, you need to select up to 3 categories that describe your business. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant. Is your restaurant a sandwich shop? Is it a Deli? Try to be as accurate as possible. This will send qualified traffic (e.g people looking for a deli) to your Facebook Business Page.

Next, enter a few lines about your business. For now, add 2-3 lines that help your customers understand what your business does and how it can helps them. You can add a longer description later.

Finally enter the URL to your website and confirm if you’re a real business establishment or not.

Description about Facebook Business Page


3. Add a Profile Picture to your Facebook Business Page

Next you need to add a profile picture to your Facebook Business Page. You can upload it from your computer or the web, just like you upload pictures to your personal Facebook account.

There are a few things to consider while choosing your profile picture. If you’re an established brand, it’s best to use your logo as your business’ profile picture. It’s easily recognizable and will drive more traffic to your Facebook Business Page. That’s what even companies like Coca-Cola and Samsung do with their business pages.

If you’re a new or upcoming business, then you can upload a picture of your signature product that will entice your customers into visiting your business page.

Your profile picture appears as a tiny thumbnail in your posts and updates. So choose a picture which will stand out on people’s Facebook timeline.

Upload Profile Picture for Facebook Business Page


4. Add to Favorites

You can add your Facebook Business Page as a Favorite in your personal Facebook Account. It’s optional but since so many things go on in Facebook timeline, it’s easier to navigate to your Facebook Business Page from your personal account.

Set up favorites for facebook business page

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5. Add your Audience

This is perhaps the most important step of Facebook Business Page creation. This is where you tell Facebook about your target audience (called Preferred Page Audience), so it can make it easier for the right people to find your Business Page. Unless your Business Page is promoted to the right audience, not many will know about it and it will hardly attract meaningful traffic.

Facebook provides tons of options to describe your target audience. You can select location, age, gender and interests which relate to your business so that Facebook can filter the type of audience that visits your page. For example, your target audience may be interested in Rolling Stones as well as Mediterranean cuisine, but since your business is a local restaurant, enter only “Mediterranean Cuisine” as it is directly relevant to your business. Similarly, Facebook provide many options to choose the location of your target audience. You can enter country, state, city, province, even choose a location within a few miles’ radius of an address.

While choosing your target audience, Facebook recommends that you target a small niche instead of going wide. It will allow them to bring highly qualified visitors to your Facebook Business Page.

Select the target audience and click Save. This will create your Facebook Business Page and you’ll be taken to it.

Set up preferred page audience for Facebook Business Page


6. Customize your Facebook Business Page

Once you’re on your Business Page, you’ll see a quick walk through of the various features available. It only takes a few seconds. Unless you’re familiar with all the features of Facebook for Business Page, it’s recommended that you click through the prompts and understand them carefully.

Facebook Business Page Home Screen

Depending on your chosen business type & category, you may need to fill additional details such as hours of operation, set business location on map, add price range of products, phone number, your business mission, etc. You should do this immediately. A detailed Facebook Business Page adds a lot of credibility to your business. It also helps people reach out to you. For example, if you provide your business phone number and hours of operation, people know when to contact you to schedule a business meeting or an appointment.

Add About Details for Facebook Business Page

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7. Add Photos about your Business

This is where you get to add attractive photos of your business (e.g restaurant) to entice prospective customers as well as employees. If you’re a restaurant, you can even add photos of your menu items that will tempt page visitors to make reservations. Add photos that send a positive message about your brand, help people understand what your products or service does, and get an idea about what to expect from your business.

Add Photos to Facebook Business Page

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8. Add Call-to-Action

Let’s say your Facebook Business Page has attracted lots of visitors. They’ve explored your Business and even like it. Now what? You can add a Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons on your Facebook Page that persuades them to take the next step such as buying your product or contacting you. Facebook provides tons of options such as “Shop Now”, “Book Now”, “Sign up”,”Use App”,”Send Message” that make it super easy to add CTA buttons on your Facebook Page.

Add CTA Buttons to Facebook Business Page

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9. Review Your Settings

Facebook provides a Settings button, near the top right corner of your Business page, which allows you to customize and configure your page settings as required. You can control who can administer the page, set page visibility, which words are banned from the page, and more.

Go through each settings carefully to ensure that your Facebook Page is configured based on how you want to manage your Facebook Page and how you want your target audience to access it.

Review Facebook Business Page Settings

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10. Spread the word about your Facebook Business Page

After your Facebook Business Page is completely created, invite your family and friends to like the page. Promote your Facebook Page on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin. You can also email your customers to like and share your Facebook Page, or even ask for customer reviews on your Facebook Page. Also, start posting business updates, blog posts, Facebook Instant Articles and sharing relevant content on your business page to engage with customers and fans.

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Your Facebook for Business Page is an amazing way to connect with your target audience and engage them. It’s a great tool to improve brand awareness, attract qualified leads, nurture them, and even convert leads to customers. No matter what business you’re in, creating Facebook Business Page is always helpful to engage customers and grow your business. Read our list of Most Important Facebook Metrics that you need to track the performance of your Facebook Page.


Do you have any Facebook Marketing Tips to grow your Business Page? Share them with us as comments.