Google Analytics Individual Qualification : How To

Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a really useful certification exam for Google Analytics (GA), that you can use to build credibility about your GA skills, get more clients for your agency and find better online marketing jobs.

Google Analytics is a great web analytics tool that enables you to easily get insights about website visitors and understand user behavior, to drive more web traffic and grow your business faster. It’s not only easy for beginners but also provides tons of advanced analytics features for experienced users. In fact, it even provides a Google Analytics Individual Qualification to help you demonstrate your proficiency in Google Analytics to your team as well as your organization. Qualified users can leverage their Google Analytics Skills to increase website traffic and drive more revenues for their business. Let’s look at how to get your Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) ?


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How to Get Your Google Analytics Individual Qualification?

Google Analytics IQ certificate course is a great asset to your resume and will make it a lot easier to find digital marketing jobs and excel in your organization. In order to get your Google Analytics Individual Qualification, you need to pass a exam designed by Google. It basically tests your knowledge about digital analytics and your ability to leverage Google Analytics to understand and improve website traffic. It’s only 90 minutes long and is quite easy to pass. The best part is that it’s free. In fact, Google even provides a Google Analytics Certification Study Guide to help you prepare for the exam. Once you have read the guide, you can take the exam by following the steps below:


1. Sign up for Google Partners

The first step is to become a google partner by signing up for Google Partners and creating an individual profile. Even if you are taking the GAIQ exam as an individual, you need to click the I’m an agency link while signing up.

sign up for google partners


Here are the steps to sign up for Google Partners:

  1. Visit Google Partners
  2. Click I’m an Agency
  3. Click Join Google Partners
  4. If you aren’t signed into Google, you’ll be asked to sign in using an Google Account that you use to access Google services such as GMail, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.
  5. Next, you’ll need to review Terms of Service and Accept them.
  6. Select whether you want to receive emails from Google partners about latest news, research, performance suggestions, promotions and reminders.
  7. Click Sign Up
  8. (Optional) You can optionally select if you want to receive Adwords Promotional offers.

After you’ve created your Google Partners profile, you can complete your individual profile by filling out details such as mailing address, phone number, country, job function, company affiliation, adwords manager account, and more. Here are the complete details about signing up for Google Partners.


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2. Start the exam

After you’ve created an individual profile in Google Partners, you can begin your GAIQ exam by clicking Take Exam on Certifications > Analytics page.

start google analytics iq exam


You have 90 minutes to answer 70 question. You need to get at least 80% correct to get the qualification. Once you obtain a Google Analytics Individual Qualification, it’s valid for the next 18 months.

google analytics iq details


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GAIQ Exam Tips

Here are a few tips for Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam.

  1. Although the exam has multiple choice questions, there are a few questions with “All of the above” option. So ensure you read all the options carefully before selecting an answer.
  2. There are no previous/back buttons, which were present in the past. Previously, you could skip a question and review them at the end. However, this feature seems to have been removed.
  3. It’s essential to be familiar with all Google Analytics reports and features – from Adwords, Goals, Conversions to Measurement Protocol, including Ecommerce related features.
  4. There are many scenario related questions to test your ability to apply your Google Analytics knowledge in real-life scenarios, as well as a few definition related questions, to test your understanding about Dimensions and Measures.


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Once you’ve passed the GAIQ exam, you can easily share your individual qualification status by either printing your personalized GAIQ certificate, or sharing a link to your Google Partners public profile page. Here’s how you can print your GAIQ certificate.

  1. Sign in to Google Partners
  2. Click My Profile in Overview section
  3. You’ll see a list of all the exams & certifications you’ve passed under the Certifications and Exams section
  4. To view & print a certificate, click the Print button on the card for the exam whose certificate you wish to print.


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Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a great way to improve your digital marketing skills and gain valuable certification that you can use in your resume, as well as LinkedIn profile. It also helps you learn advanced features and techniques that enables you to not only get a good digital marketing job, but also leverage Google Analytics to help your organization better analyze its visitors and understand user behavior. In fact, preparing for Google Analytics IQ exam alone will help you explore the various powerful features of google analytics and learn how to use them effectively.


Have you got your Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Certificate yet?