Facebook Canvas Ads: The Complete Guide to Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas Ads are an amazing way for businesses to create immersive advertisements about their products & services. They go beyond the usual image & text ads and provide a truly engaging story telling experience for advertisers, and are an important way of marketing to millennials. Here’s a complete step-by-step guide to create Facebook Canvas Ads for your business.


The Complete Guide to Facebook Canvas Ads


What are Facebook Canvas Ads?

Facebook Canvas Ads are the latest type of Facebook Advertisement that allow you to create a unique experience about your business, products & services using a combination of images, text, videos, carousels, product feeds and more. Currently, Canvas Ads are supported only on mobile. Here’s an example of a Facebook Canvas Ad

facebook canvas ad carousel

You can check out more examples of Facebook Canvas Ads here.


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How to Create Facebook Canvas Ads?

Here’s how you can create your own Facebook Canvas Ad

1. Open Canvas Creator

Go to your Facebook Business Page and click on Publishing Tools. 

click publishing tools


On left side, you’ll see an option for Canvas. Click on it.

canvas options


You’ll see a list of Canvas you’ve created. You can click to view them, or create a new one.

create canvas button


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2. Create New Canvas

To create a new canvas, click Create at the top. This will open the Canvas Builder and you’ll see the following screen. Click Open Blank Canvas.

canvas builder

This will open up a blank canvas and you’ll be asked to add a component to your Canvas. You can close the modal window for now. We’ll come back to this later.

add canvas component

Now, let’s name the canvas at the top. As you add components on the left, to build your Canvas, Facebook will create a preview for you, on the right.

canvas name and theme


I’ll quickly give you a brief overview of how to create a Canvas and then walk through each step in detail.

Basically, you need to provide a theme and then click Add Component button to add any of the following components to your Facebook Canvas:

  • Button
  • Carousel
  • Photo
  • Text Block
  • Video
  • Header


You can one or more of these to add them to your Canvas and click Ok. You can also add multiple items of each if you want. When a user plays your Canvas Ad, your components (image, video, carousel etc) will be played in the same sequence that you added them while creating your Canvas. You can always move around component by clicking & dragging its handle on the top left corner of the component. You can also delete a component by clicking the options menu on its top right corner of your component.

Now lets’ look at each step in detail


3. Select Your Canvas Theme

Canvas Theme is basically the background color of your Canvas Ad Space. You can choose from white, black and custom options. If you choose custom theme option, you’ll see a color picker to choose your custom theme color. You can choose the theme color by either moving the color dial vertically and clicking on the specific color in the color box, or by entering its hex code in the textbox.

select canvas theme


4. Add Component to Canvas

Once you’ve named your Canvas and chosen its theme, click Add Component to add a component like image, video, header, etc.

Canvas allows you to add 6 types of components:

  • Header
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Carousel
  • Text Block
  • Button

Lets’s look each type of component in detail along with their Facebook Ad Specs

Header Canvas Component

You can insert a header component that always stays on top of your Canvas even when users scroll through your Ad, or move between different components like images, videos & carousels.

facebook canvas header


For the header, Facebook recommends an image of 120 x 44px. The maximum size of the header is 882 x 66px. If you’re using a transparent header, you can also set its background color & opacity.

facebook canvas transparent header


Here’s an example of header component (in red)

facebook canvas ad header


Video Canvas Component

facebook canvas video


You can also add one or more videos in your Canvas. Here are Facebook’s recommendations about using videos in Canvas

  1. Minimum resolution of 720p
  2. Avoid Full Screen videos
  3. Portrait video is recommended (landscape videos will be resized). This is because Facebook expects most of the Canvas Ad viewers to use their phones in portrait mode while experiencing the Ad.
  4. You can have multiple videos in a Canvas but the total length of all videos should not exceed 2 minutes.
  5. Use Mp4 or Mov format
  6. Thee first frame of your video is used as the thumbnail. Actually your video autoplays with sound when you scroll on to it in your Canvas, and replays on a loop. If you scroll away from the video, it will stop automatically.

You have a couple of options to scale your video, in case it doesn’t fit the mobile screen. Either you can use the default option, which will fit the video width to screen width, or use tilt-to-pan option that allows you to view wider videos by tilting your phone. When you tilt your phone, the video scrolls across from one side to another.


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Photos Canvas Component

facebook canvas photo


You can also add photos to your canvas. Facebook provides 3 options to interact with photo:

  • Default
  • Tap to Expand
  • Tilt to Pan (fit to height)

Facebook recommends a 640 px photo with minimum 72 dpi. Here are the other image specifications and dimensions:

  • Images will use full screen width by default
  • A full width image is 1,080 px wide
  • For wider images, you can use the tilt-to-pan option
  • Full height image is 1,920 px tall
  • You can use taller images with Tap to Expand option
  • Only PNG or JPG images are supported at the moment

You can use up to 20 images in your Canvas. If you use tilt-to-pan option, Facebook will display the middle portion of your image. You’ll need to tilt your phone to left or right to see the remaining portion of your image.


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Carousel Canvas Component

facebook canvas carousel


You can even add a carousel to your Canvas, having 2 to 10 images. Although they are similar to Carousel Ads, images can be partial or full height and all images should be the same size.

For scaling your carousel images, you can choose either default or tilt-to-pan option. Default option allows you to add links to your images, whereas tilt-to-pan option allows only images.

  • Maximum image width is 1,080 pixels
  • Maximum image height is 1,920 pixels
  • Use PNG or JPG file type
  • Use up to 10 images per carousel


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Text Block Canvas Component

facebook canvas text block


You can also add good ol’ text in your Canvas Ads. Text Blocks are a great way to break up your canvas into logical sections, as well as provide more context about your product or service. Facebook allows you to customize the following aspects of your Text Block

  • Font Family
  • Font Size
  • Color
  • Formatting – Bold, Italics, Underline
  • Alignment

You can add up to 500 characters in each text block.


Button Canvas Component

facebook canvas button


This is one of the most important components available in Canvas. Facebook allows you to add Call-to-Action buttons to your Canvas and link them to an external website. You can display up to 30 characters of text in your button. Facebook allows you to display your buttons inline or fixed to the bottom.


5. Preview & Save Your Canvas

Once you’ve created your canvas, you can preview it on your device. It’s super important to preview your canvas before saving it. That’s because once you save your Canvas, you can’t edit it.

When you click Preview, Facebook will send a preview to your mobile.

facebook canvas preview

Only after you’re satisfied with the preview, click Finish to save the canvas for good. Please note, the Save button only saves a draft of your Canvas.

facebook canvas finish


6. Create Your Ad Campaign

Here’s how you use Facebook Canvas in your Advert. When you create your Facebook Ad Campaign, you need to Choose Traffic or Conversions Ad Objective in order to be able to create Canvas Ads.

facebook canvas ads objective

Also, in Ad placements you need to select Mobile News Feed since canvas ads are available only on mobiles.

facebook canvas ads placement

Now when you select the Ad Format, you’ll see a checkbox “Add a full screen canvas” to enable a Full-Screen Experience. If you enable it, you’ll also see a search box where you can type your canvas name and click the result to use the canvas in your Ad.

add canvas to facebook ad


At the minimum, you need to provide the following information to create your Canvas Ad.

  • Text: The text that goes with the ad
  • Headline: The headline that goes below the thumbnail
  • Thumbnail Image


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Facebook is constantly updating it Advertising Platform with newer and more streamlined options, and we’ll be regularly updating this post to reflect the latest changes. If you find any part of this post to be outdated, kindly let us know and we’ll update it for you.



Facebook Canvas Ads provide a refreshing new Ad experience that’s immersive and engaging. With the click-through rates of text & image ads on the decline, Facebook Canvas Ads might just be the next big thing advertisers are looking for. However, it’s important to remember that every advertising channel gets saturated within a few years. So, one year from now, your Facebook Canvas Ad Campaigns may not get the same results as you do today. So grab the opportunity while it lasts. They key is to start small by targeting a niche audience, keep measuring Ad campaign performance and optimizing your Facebook Canvas Ad to drive more clicks.


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Have you used Facebook Canvas Ads? Please share your experience, as well as any tips & best practices for Facebook Canvas Ads, as comments.