How to Create Email Templates in Outlook

Did you know you can create email templates in Outlook?

Every day we send so many emails using Microsoft Outlook. So many of them are similar to each other, that it’s a waste of time trying to compose every new mail from scratch. Did you know that Outlook lets you save email templates and use them to quickly send emails or even reply to other’s messages. Let’s see how to create email templates in Outlook and use them to quickly compose messages.


How to Create Email Templates in Outlook, for New Messages

Here’s how you can create an email template in Outlook, for new email messages. To save an email message as a template for future emails:

  1. Create a new email in Outlook
    • Go to Mail
    • Click New Email in the New Section of Home ribbon
  2. Enter a subject for your email template. You can also save an email template without a subject.
  3. Next enter the email message that you want to send in you email template’s message body. Remove any signatures if you’ve configured Outlook to automatically add signatures while composing new emails. Otherwise, it will add a duplicate signature, once again, when you use this template in your email.
  4. Click Save As from the File menu in the email message’s toolbar. Depending on your Outlook version, you’ll find the Save As option under File or Office menu
  5. In your save file dialog window, select Outlook Template as the file type. Also, select the location to save your template. By default, Outlook uses the Templates folder.
  6. Enter a file name for your template, click Save & close the email compose window.
  7. Sometimes you may get a prompt saying an email draft has been saved and asking if you want to keep it. Click No.


You can create a variety of email templates in Outlook to quickly compose email messages. For example, you can create cold email templates to reach out to prospective clients and customers, nurture leads and even make sales pitch. You can also create birthday/anniversary email templates that you can quickly send to your customers to improve customer relationship. You can also use email templates to automate your often sent emails such as job applications, customer support issues, and even replies to common queries such as “where is ABC file located?” or “what is the contact info of client XYZ”. Once you’ve created an email that works for you, you can save it as a template to simply modify and send it in future.


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How to Use Email Templates in Outlook to Compose New Email

Here’s how you can use email template in Outlook to write a new email.

  1. Go to Mail in Outlook
  2. Click on Home to select and expand the Home Ribbon
  3. From the New Section, click New Items.
  4. You’ll see a menu appear. Click More items and then Choose Form…
    • In Outlook 2007, you need to select Tools -> Forms -> Choose Form..
  5. You’ll see an Open File dialog. Browse to the folder where you saved your template file earlier. Double click the desired template to open outlook template and include it in your email message
  6. This will copy the contents of the selected email template into your email message. It will also copy the email subject line, if you have saved it in your email template.
  7. Modify the contents of your email as per your requirements and send the email as you normally would.



How to Create Email Template in Outlook for sending Quick Reply

You can also create email templates in outlook to quickly reply to emails. Here’s how you can create an email template in Outlook, for sending quick replies.

  1. Open up Mail in Outlook
  2. Click the Home ribbon to select and expand it
  3. Under the Quick Steps section, click Create New. You can also click Manage Quick Steps in lower right corner of Quick Steps section, then click New and Custom
  4. You’ll see a window appear. Enter a name to easily identify and remember your email template. For example, if you’re using it to reply to queries about product prices, then you can name it “Reply (Product price)”
  5. Under Actions, click Choose an Action
  6. You’ll see a menu. Under Respond, select Reply.
  7. Next click Show Options
  8. Enter the message you want to send as reply, in your email template. This time, don’t remove the signature if Outlook automatically adds it. Otherwise, add an email signature, yourself.
  9. Next, set the importance level of your reply as Normal so that it is given the same importance as all other emails.
  10. You can optionally check the option to automatically send your reply after 1 minute. In this case, your reply will be sent automatically without giving you a chance to edit it, or even preview it. For 1 minute, your message will be present in the Outbox folder, where you can open & edit it, or delete it before it’s sent automatically.
  11. You can also add other optional actions using Add Action. For example, if you want to keep track of messages that were sent using auto-reply, you can add an action to move them to a specific folder or even archives, after they’re sent. You can also set an outlook template shortcut key for this action, under Shortcut Key section
  12. Finally, click Finish when you’re done.



How to Use Email Template in Outlook to Reply to Emails, using Quick Reply Templates

Here’s how you can use the quick reply email template in Outlook to reply to email messages

  1. Open your Outlook inbox and either select or open the email that you want to send a reply for.
  2. If you’ve selected an email message, then select Home ribbon. If you’ve opened an email message, select Message ribbon from the email open window.
  3. Under Quick Steps section, select the desired reply. You can click More.. to see all the available quick steps.
  4. Click the required quick steps to send the appropriate reply. You can also use a shortcut key to quickly select the required email reply template and send a reply.


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Creating Email templates in Outlook is a great way to save time when it comes to often-sent messages. You can use them to compose introductory sales emails to prospects, send follow up sales emails, or even send welcome emails to new clients. You can even use email templates to send auto-replies in case you are on a vacation. Outlook makes it easy to create email templates and use them to compose new emails or send quick replies to messages.


Do you use email templates in Outlook? Please share your experience with as comments.