What Are The Benefits of Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to retarget your website visitors via paid ads on other websites they browse. It is a great way to bring back past visitors to your website and convert them. Here are the key benefits of Remarketing you must know in order to create an effective remarketing strategy.


What is Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to easily target website visitors through display advertising on other websites they visit. Many times, website visitors don’t convert into customers during their first visit. However, the fact that they visited your website indicates that they are interested in your products & services or looking for something similar. Remarketing allows you to display your Ads to these visitors, when they visit other websites that have the same display Ad network. For example, if you use Google Remarketing, then your Google display Ads will be displayed to these visitors when they visit other blogs and websites that also show Google Ads. This is really useful in attracting those visitors back to your website and converting them.

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How Does Remarketing Work

Remarketing works the same way no matter which Advertiser you choose whether it is Google, Facebook, Bing, etc. When you run a remarketing campaign, you need to add a retargeting/remarketing tag or pixel of your advertiser (e.g Google Adwords) on your website.

For example, when a person visits your website, they will be added to your remarketing audience list in your Adwords account via browser cookies. When they visit other websites that serve Google display Ads, they will be identified based on their browser cookie and shown your display ads on that website.

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What Are The Benefits of Remarketing

Here are the key benefits of Remarketing:

1. Brand Awareness

By displaying your Ads on multiple blogs and websites that your website visitors visit, remarketing increases brand awareness and recall about your business.


2. Higher Conversion Rates

Since remarketing ads target your past website visitors, they are more likely to convert than new visitors.

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3. Better ROI

One of the most important benefits of remarketing is better ROI. Remarketing leads to better marketing ROI and ad spend, since you are targeting people who are already a little familiar with your business.


4. Audience Targeting

Remarketing allows you to target really specific audiences based on their interests, demographics and behavior. For example, you can define your target audience as people who visited certain pages (e.g /payment) but did not visit specific pages (e.g /thank-you)

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5. Flexible Budgeting

Google Remarketing and other Ad tools give you complete control over your Ad budget to ensure you make the most of your marketing spend. They also provide robust reporting tools to help you constantly monitor and optimize Ad performance.

Hopefully, now you can create effective remarketing Ads for your business.



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