Video SEO Tips: How to Optimize Video for SEO ?

According to Inc, 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. With high-speed mobile internet and so much video content available online, why wouldn’t it be? But are your videos being ranked well on search engines? If not, then here are 9 Video SEO Tips to optimize videos for SEO.



What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is optimizing your video so that they are indexed and ranked high on search engine results for relevant keyword searches. Video SEO is different from regular SEO and requires different SEO techniques altogether. However, there are various optimization strategies to improve search engine ranking of videos.



9 Video SEO Tips to Optimize Videos for Better Search Engine Ranking


1. Use the Right Video Hosting Platform

You need to choose a video hosting platform that suites your marketing objectives. If your objective is to build brand awareness, then you should host videos on YouTube or Vimeo. They have a huge audience and your videos will get more hits quickly. However, these platforms won’t send much traffic to your website since their visitors are more likely to browse other videos on those platforms.

So, if you want to attract more visitors to your website or generate more leads then you should consider alternate video hosting platforms like Wistia, that automatically inserts metadata for video SEO. This makes it easier to index & rank your videos on search engines.

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2. Add a Video Transcript

Video transcript is a text that accompanies your videos, and appears as captions when you’re playing a video. It allows you to watch videos even with audio turned off, without disturbing others. Also, video transcripts make your videos accessible to a larger audience.

From an SEO point of view, since Google is still a text-based search engine, a video transcript means more indexable text for search engine crawlers and more keywords and phrases to rank a video. In fact, you can even translate your transcription into multiple languages to rank better for more keyword terms, on local search engines. You can use services like Rev to create transcriptions, captions and even translations for your videos.


3. Use Engaging Video Thumbnail Images

The video thumbnail image is perhaps the most important factor that decides if people will click your videos. It’s what they see in search engine results when your video is indexed. Video thumbnail images even occupy more screen space than the title & description in search results. So make sure the video thumbnail images are relevant, beautiful and engaging. This will positively impact video click-through rates and other video SEO metrics.

video seo thumbnail images


4. Optimize Video Title & Description of Video

Just as blog posts and web pages, the title & meta description play an important role in a video’s search engine ranking. Do a keyword research to find out the relevant keywords for your videos. Craft a catchy, clickworthy title using these keywords. Here’s how you can write SEO optimized Title Tags for your Videos.

Also, perform long-tail keyword research to identify a few long-tail keywords relevant to your video. Add them in your meta description. Of course, avoid stuffing too many keywords in video title & meta description.

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5. Ensure your Web page content is SEO-friendly and relevant to Video

It’s important to ensure that your web page which shows the video is SEO optimized and relevant to video. This means creating high-quality content for your page and using both On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO techniques to ensure that your page ranks well.

It’s also important to check if your web page content is actually relevant to your video. Google analyzes the page content (such as headings, subheadings and paragraphs) around your video to get an idea about the content and context of your videos.

Also, if your web page has amazing content that is relevant to your video, it will automatically reduce bounce rate, increase time on site & playing duration of videos – all of which are key SEO factors to rank your videos.

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6. Embed only 1 video on your page

This may be surprising but Google crawler generally stops crawling after the first video on your page. So if you need to include multiple videos on your page, ensure that the first video is the one you want to be indexed and ranked. So if you want to optimize for multiple videos, it’s best to create separate web pages for each video.


7. Focus your page on the video

Ensure that the video is the focus of your page. If your video is hidden or hard to find on your page, people are unlikely to play it. This will affect video SEO metrics like play rate and play duration, and Google will not rank such a video that not many people play in the first place. So keep your videos above the fold, if possible, and make it the focus of your page, so that people play it more often.

Here’s an example of a home page, where you just can’t miss the play button.

video seo optimized video example


8. Don’t embed videos on multiple pages

Just as you should not create duplicate content on your website, you should also not embed the same video on multiple pages. Why? Because then they will compete against each other and diminish their ranking power. If you’ve already created a separate web page focused on your video, then even if you embed it on another, less relevant page, it won’t rank well.

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Hopefully, the above Video SEO Tips will help you optimize videos to rank better on search engines. With the explosive growth of online video content, it’s high time that you take a look at video marketing. However, it’s not enough to create great content. You also need to do Video SEO to ensure that your videos are ranked and found on search engines. Also, don’t forget to use Mobile SEO Tips & Best Practices to optimize your videos for mobile devices.

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Do you know any Video SEO Tips & Tricks ? Please share them with us as comments.