How to use Offers, Discounts, Coupons and Deals to Drive Revenues for Your Business

Offers, coupons, discounts, and deals – who doesn’t love them? If you were a customer, you would probably want to get the best possible offers, discounts, coupons, and deals. In fact, you might also be interested in incentives like free shipping. As a business owner, offering them is one of the most uncomfortable situations to be in, but in order to attract more customers, they have to join in the ‘mad race’. There are ways of how to use offers, discounts, coupons and deals that can not only boost sales but also increase customer loyalty.

Research has proved that 64% of customers are willing to extend their loyalty membership if they were offered discounts, coupons, deals and other incentives. While customers love any types of deals and offers, it is not all bad news for businesses either.

Here is a look at five popular ways of how to use offers, discounts, coupons and deals to drive customer loyalty and conversions and, of course, how to most effectively use them.

Holiday Season Offers

The holiday season is the best time to offer discounts and deals, thereby accelerating sales. Coupons and promo code can be given out during major events like Easter, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, and Black Friday among others.

These occasions give customers enough time to buy the best clothes, accessories and other merchandise at cheap and discounted rates. CouponBend, for example, offers coupons and promo codes for more than 5000 online stores.
Hold Contests and Provide Offers on Social Media Platforms

The social media platform is an excellent way to reach out and this tool should not be undermined. Apart from establishing a strong and healthy relationship with existing followers, the social media also gets new followers to join on board.

Conducting a contest on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page is an excellent way to get your target customers talking. You can post a new product description and request your existing customers to share the page. You can in return offer them a gift, like a free movie ticket or a 15% discount on the next buy.


Offer Discounts and Deals to Come Back Customers

Come back customers are the buyers who have returned to you after a long while to buy something. You have to make sure that your customer keeps returning to you regularly, and one way to do that is to offer discounts and deals on their next purchases.

You can also offer free shipping on next purchase or advanced services after the first purchase. This is an excellent way of how to use offers, discounts, coupons and deals to benefit your business.


Offer Weekly and Monthly Offers

The weekly and monthly offers are meant to increase revenue and sales. It is best to offer this at the end of the month or a quarter.

Since many firms are unable to meet their monthly or weekly goals, this sort of offer helps increase revenue and also meets sales goals.


Newsletters and Emails

It is a good idea to create an email list to inform customers about your upcoming products, and various offers and deals that you come up with.

Some companies also offer discounts and coupons for signing up for their newsletter. It not only helps in increasing traffic and conversion rate but also enables you to promote your new offers on your various products to potential customers who might, later on, become your permanent clients.



There is no doubt that you can win customers and even retain existing ones by offering various deals, gifts, and discounts. You only need to know how to use offers, discounts, coupons and deals and you are on your way to making your mark in your chosen industry.