Facebook Lead Ads : Everything You Need to Know

Facebook Lead ads make it super easy for for users to sign up and redeem your offer, right from your Facebook Ad. If you use Facebook Advertising Platform for lead generation, then Facebook just made things a lot easier for you. In this article, we’ll see how to create Facebook Lead Adverts to generate more leads for your business.


What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads enable you to collect information from your prospects & customers directly from within your Facebook Ad. Instead of sending people to a landing page where they fill out a lead generation form and click submit, users can click on lead ads, review the lead form information autofilled by Facebook, and click submit directly from Facebook.

Here’s how lead adverts work. When users clicks the call-to-action button on your Facebook Ad, a lead generation form appears, that is pre-filled with user information. They can review, edit & click Submit. The auto-filled forms make it really easy to get people to sign up and boosts conversions. If you need information other than what Facebook can pre-fill, you can ask it using additional form elements in your lead generation form.

facebook lead adverts example

Facebook has really simplified the process of lead generation on its platform by introducing the Lead Generation Ad Objective. While creating your Facebook Ad, you can select Lead Generation as your Facebook Ad Objective, that allows you to ask prospects and customers for information that they can provides with just a couple of clicks, without even leaving Facebook.


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How to Create Facebook Lead Ads?

Let’s look at the steps to to create Facebook Lead Adverts for your business, using Power Editor. If you haven’t used Power Editor yet, it’s a great tool to create & manage Facebook Ads.

After you download your ad account to Power Editor, click the Create Campaign button on top left. You’ll see a form asking you to fill in details about your Campaign.

Enter a name for your Facebook Ad Campaign and select Lead Generation from the dropdown for Facebook Ad Objective.

facebook lead generation ad objective

Next continue to create your Facebook Ad Campaign, as you normally do. When you reach the Ad Level step of Ad Campaign creation, you’ll see a Lead Form section.

create lead generation form facebook

Click Create New Form to create a new Lead generation form for your Ad Campaign. Enter a name for your form and click Next.

creating lead form facebook step 1

You’ll see the list of information that you can collect from your clients and prospects, using your Facebook Lead forms. Select the ones you need by checking the appropriate check boxes. Based on your choices, Facebook will auto-fill those details in its Lead Ad Form that is displayed to users.

choose details facebook lead form

You can also add up to 3 custom questions in your Lead Ad Form. Click Next when you’re done.

custom question facebook lead generation

You’ll also need to provide link to your privacy policy and click Next.

privacy policy disclaimer facebook lead generation

Finally, add your website address that users will be directed to when they submit the Lead Ad Form, and click Next.

add website facebook lead gen

You’ll see a preview of your lead generation form. Review it carefully and click Create Form if everything is fine.

review facebook lead generation form

After you’ve completed creating your Facebook Ad Campaign, upload your Facebook Ad account using Power Editor.


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How to Download Your Leads?

For now, you need to manually download the leads captured using your Facebook Lead Ads. Facebook doesn’t provide out-of-the-box plugins to import leads into Email Marketing Software like MailChimp, or Aweber.

To retrieve your leads, go to your Facebook Business Page and click Publishing Tools at the top section of the page.

click publishing tools

Next, click Forms Library from the left section of your page. Please note, you need to have Admin rights to view Lead forms.

forms library facebook

You’ll see a page that lists all the Lead generation forms you’ve created so far. To download the leads captured by a form as a CSV file, click the Download link next to it.

download facebook leads

The downloads file is quite easy to understand. The first 6 columns (A to F when you import it in excel) contains information about your Facebook Ad Campaign such as campaign name, when the lead was captured and form name. After that you’ll see one column each for information that you have asked from your customers & prospects.

You can upload this list of leads in your CRM software or Email Marketing Platform, or even pass it on to your sales team.


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Best Practices & Tips for Facebook Lead Ads

1. Tell users what to do at every step

Facebook Ads have a lot of visual elements and this can sometimes confuse the users how to proceed. To make your Facebook Lead Ads effective, ensure that you clearly tell them what they need to do  – “Click here”, “Submit this form”.

Explain the process clearly, so users can confidently click your Ads. Here’s an example of how a Facebook Lead Advert explains what users need to do, and what will happen next. Mentioning that Facebook will fill out the lead form helps users understand that it’s an easy process and builds credibility.

facebook lead generation ad copy


2. Test various Call to Actions

Facebook provides a variety of call to actions such as Download, Sign up, Subscribe, Get Quote, Show Now, etc. Try out various call to actions that are relevant to your Facebook Lead Ads, to see which one drives most conversions.


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Facebook Lead Ads is a nice innovation on the usual click-based ads, that direct to you a landing page where you need to manually fill out contact details and hit submit. Facebook Lead Ads provides 2 distinct advantages over usual ads. First of all, Facebook Lead Ads have an in-built lead generation form that user can submit without leaving Facebook. Since users know they don’t need to leave Facebook, they’ll be more tempted to click on your Lead Ads. Secondly, Facebook autofills the lead ads so users don’t even have to type anything. Most commonly asked information such as email, name, company name, etc are already available with Facebook. All that users need to do is review the information and hit submit.


Have you used Facebook Lead Ads? Please share your experience and tips as comments.


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