How to Use Facebook for Ecommerce Business Growth

Do you use Facebook for Ecommerce Marketing? If no, then why not? With more than 1.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a quintessential marketing channel for every Ecommerce business. Did you know that Facebook Ads provide an ROI of 152% for Ecommerce businesses? What are you waiting for? Here are 7 Ways you can use Facebook for Ecommerce Marketing, increase traffic to your website and drive more revenues.


How to Use Facebook for Ecommerce Marketing


1. Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads are one of the best ways to market the products available on your Ecommerce website. Dynamic product Ads allow you to upload your entire catalog and dynamically display product ads to Facebook users across all devices.

facebook dynamic ad template

With dynamic product ads, you don’t need to create a separate ad for each product in your catalog. You can simply create a Facebook Ad template that pulls the images and product details from your catalog to dynamically generate a product ad for your target audience. Dynamic Product Ads are a great way to target the right users with the right product, as well as use Facebook remarketing to retarget website visitors.

Dynamic Ads allow you to show single or multi product ads to those Facebook users who have visited your Ecommerce website and explored products, or added products to their shopping cart but didn’t make a purchase, or even people who have recently completed a purchase. In fact, Dynamic Product Ads are perfect for Ecommerce businesses who have hundreds or thousands of products. They allow you to dynamically display the right product to the right audience.

Here’s our Complete guide to Facebook Dynamic Ads that tells you how to create and use Facebook Dynamic Ads.



2. Multi Product Ads

Multi product Ads allow you to display a Facebook ad about multiple products, at once. Multi-product Ads provide customers with more options to choose from. Here’s an example of a Multi-product ad that shows various products in an Ecommerce Store.

facebook multi product ad

Multi-product ads provide better conversion than single product ads because they allow you to show more number of relevant products. You can also use multi-product ads to show different variations of the same product category (e.g shows). For example, you can create a single multi-product ad for sneakers, sports shoes, running shoes together. You can also use multi product ads to show different benefits of a single product, or even different steps to use a product (e.g how to use a Phillips hair dryer). You can use Multi Product Ads as standalone ads or from within Dynamic Ads as described above.

In fact, Adobe found that using multi product ads resulted in up to 300% increase in click-through rates and reduced cost-per-click by up to 35%.



3. Use Facebook’s Conversion Tracking Pixel

Facebook’s Conversion Tracking Pixel is a small piece of code that you need to add to your website (similar to Facebook Remarketing Pixel) which allows you to track user behavior and conversions on your site, and sends this data to Facebook.

Why is it important?

Conversion Tracking pixel allows Facebook to optimize your Ad Campaign and also build a lookalike audience to expand your reach. For example, you can place the conversion tracking pixel on your checkout page to track user behavior such as purchase, adding to cart, etc. after they click your ad, and consequently measure the ROI of your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

The key is to add the conversion pixel even before you create your first Facebook ad campaign. This will allow Facebook to understand your visitors and user behavior, and optimize your ads quickly when you begin Facebook Advertising.


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4. Use Retargeting Campaigns

Did you know that 72% of users abandon shopping carts without making a purchase? Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to bring them back to your Ecommerce website and persuade them to complete the purchase.

how facebook retargeting works

According to Wishpond, Retargeting Ads can bring back 26% of shopping cart abandoners, have conversion rate of up to 70% and have 10X click-through rates compared to normal display ads.

Here’s our Complete Guide to Facebook Remarketing Ads to learn everything about Facebook Retargeting.



5. Increase your reach with LookAlike Audience

Facebook Advertising Platform provides an amazing feature called LookAlike Audiences, that allows you to target Facebook users who have similar background or behavior to your existing target audience. It enables you to increase your Ad reach by advertising your products to people similar to your existing customers, and find new customers as a result.

facebook advertising lookalike audience

Once you’ve created a custom audience for one of your Facebook Ad Campaigns, you can easily use it to create LookAlike Audience for your future Facebook Adverts. You can also create a LookAlike Audience based on your Facebook fans or using the data from conversion-tracking pixel.

LookAlike Audiences uses Facebook Algorithms to find users who have similar demographics and interests as your target audience, and provides a great way to find new customers for your business.


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6. Use Facebook Ads to tell a Story about your brand

Facebook Advertising Platform provides advertisers with so many great ways to tell amazing stories about their brand, products and even customers.

You can create Carousel Ads to tell engaging stories about your brand, increase awareness about your products and grow your audience. Facebook Carousel Ads allow you to create visually stunning carousels using 3-5 images, a headline and call to action in a single ad unit. Users can enjoy Carousel Ads by simply scrolling/swiping through the images.

carousel ad tell story

You can read our Complete Guide to Carousel Ads to learn everything about them in great detail.

You can also create Facebook Video Ads that enables you to show engaging videos in Ads, instead of the usual image and text based ads. Here’s an example of a video ad that’s short & sweet, to the point and communicates the message even with audio turned off.

facebook video ad


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7. Build Custom Audiences for up-selling and cross-selling

Facebook Advertising Platform provides tons of options to help you precisely target the right audience. Its Custom Audiences tool allows you to target audience based on user demographics, interests, location, behavior, email, phone numbers and even Facebook IDs.

instagram target audience in facebook

You can easily create Facebook Custom Audiences to target your existing customers and persuade them to become your Facebook fans. You can even upload your customer list and retarget them with up-sell and cross-sell offers. You can even send promotions and discounts to existing customers to build brand loyalty and improve customer relationships.


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Facebook is great for Ecommerce Stores to promote their business. Its advertising platform provides a lot of different Ad formats and targeting options to sell products on Facebook, and promote your Ecommerce business in interesting ways to the right people. The key is to clearly understand your audience and try out different types of Facebook Ads, find out what drives traffic to your website and boosts conversions.


How do you use Facebook for Ecommerce Marketing? Please share your tips as comments


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