Top 4 Adwords Best Practices

Adwords Best Practices & Tips help you learn new ideas to improve your SEM strategy, increase Ad clicks and drive conversions. Here are some PPC best practices that you can try for your SEM marketing campaigns.


Top 4 Adwords Best Practices

Here are some SEM best practices & tips for you to try.


1. Avoid Irrelevant Traffic

One of the simplest Adwords best practices is to attract the right audience to even view your Ads. Since you spend so much money on Adwords, it is important to prevent your Ads from even appearing in front of irrelevant audience, who are not ready to buy your product.

Focus on lead quality, as only high quality leads become paying customers. Here are 4 types of customers you must not target with Adwords, along with the negative keywords to avoid them

  • Job hunters: They are looking for a job/internship, not to buy your product/service. Avoid them unless your product/service is actually meant for job seekers. Negative keywords for job seekers: -hire -job -employer -jobs -occuptions -careers -occupation -career -part-time -work -resume -full-time -salaries -intern -salary
  • Budget folks: These are people who are looking for free stuff. They won’t shell out anything for your product/service. Avoid them with negative keywords such as  -free -cheap -inexpensive -affordable – open source
  • Students & Learners: They are looking for knowledge, courses and tutorials online. Unless your product/service has to do with education/training, better avoid them with negative keywords such as -learn -classes -school -university -course -textbook -book -training


2. Delayed Retargeting

Remarketing is one the most commonly used Adwords Best Practices. However, many businesses overdo Adwords Retargeting, whereby their Ads stalk users online on virtually every website they visit, for days. It is annoying for most users, as you might know. So create a time-delayed remarketing campaign to avoid Ad fatigue.

It will allow you to display different messages, designs & ads sequentially over a period of time. This enables you to try out different value propositions, and design good Ads. For example, you can display 2 ads that talk about your benefits over 2 weeks, and then display a 3rd ad in week #3 that offers a 10% discount, tempting your audience to give it a try.


3. Use Ad Extensions for Every Adwords Campaign

Ad extensions like sitelinks, call outs, and call extensions help you occupy more screen space and push down your competitors.

They also improve Ad quality, and thereby increase Ad clicks. However, the most common mistake marketers do is not to apply Ad extensions across the board for every campaign.

So you end up seeing Ad extensions only in some of the ads. One of the easiest Adwords best practices is to simply create a generic Ad extension that you can apply at the account level instead of campaign level, then customize it for each campaign or Ad group, if you want.


4. Negative Keywords Best Practices

Negative Keywords help you control your ad by not displaying them to users who use those negative keywords in their search queries. There are 3 types of negative keywords supported by Adwords

  • Broad Match: Your ads won’t show if all your negative keywords are present in search query, their order doesn’t matter
  • Phrase Match: Your ads won’t show if all your negative keywords are present in search query, their order does matter
  • Exact Match: Your ads won’t show if all your negative keywords are exactly present in search query, their order does matter, and no extra words allowed

Once you have figured out all negative keywords for your product/service, add them in bulk to save time. Similarly, target people who use keywords like buy, purchase, trial, demo, quote as it indicates a high user intent to buy a product/service.

There are many Adwords Best practices & tips available online, but we have tried to list some unusual SEM best practices so that you can learn some new ideas here.


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