10 Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples You’ll Ever See

t’s always good to learn from the best email marketing examples to understand what works in them, get inspired and improve your own content creation. After all, creating marketing content for Email Marketing Campaigns can be a creative challenge.  Here are 10 Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples that you can use to make your email marketing campaign strategy more effective.


Top 10 Email Marketing Campaign Examples

Here are 10 best email marketing campaigns for email advertising.

1. BirchBox

BirchBox uses a very clever way to get reader’s attention. It’s email subject says, “We Forgot Something in Your April Box!”.

But when you read the email copy below, you’ll realize they haven’t forgotten anything. It’s a discount offer for Rent The Runway they want to give you. It’s one of the smartest email campaign ideas we’ve seen.

Also, the dress rental company, Rent The Runway, perfectly fits the interests of BirchBox users. Now there’s an example of great co-marketing partnership.
birchbox email example

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2. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is the master of writing awesome headlines. See how their email subject line and preview text stand out in the following direct email marketing campaign example.

buzzfeed inbox

Once you open the email, their copy is equally awesome. The great thing about their email is that it looks great even if images are disabled, thanks to funny alt texts for images.

Great subject lines and preview text can increase open rates and engaging content can drive click-throughs. Also, notice the time of their emails. They send it early morning so that it’s the first thing you read when you open your inbox. Sending email at the right time can also boost email open rates. Also, find out what’s a good open rate for your industry.

Without Images:

buzzfeed email example

With Images:

buzzfeed email example


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3. charity : water

Here’s an amazing example of email marketing campaign by charity:water. It shows that even transactional emails can improve the impact of your Email Marketing Campaign.

Typically, transactional emails are sent when a user takes an action on your website, such as buying a product. charity:water uses it effectively in its email marketing campaign.

Once you donate to a charity organization, you never know what’s happening to your donations. charity:water uses automated transactional emails to show the impact your donation is having on their projects by providing  progress update, project timeline and accompanying data.

As a result, you’re not only tempted to share this email with others, but also donate more to the cause.

So basically their email marketing campaign not only helps build email list but also drives repeat donations from existing users. Similarly, you can create drip email marketing campaigns to nurture your leads and convert them into customers. Today, most email marketing automation software provide out-of-the-box features to create drip campaigns or triggered emails.

charity water email example

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4. Poncho

Poncho, a web service that sends personalized weather forecasts everyday, sure knows how to send engaging marketing emails to its users.

Weather forecasts is a boring topic and receiving daily email about it can quickly get monotonous and uninteresting. So it can be a challenge to keep your users engaged over a long time.

Poncho solves this problem by sending well-designed, colorful emails that are easy to read and contain delightful images & GIFs and a few witty comments that’ll make you smile.

poncho email example

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5. Dropbox

It’s sad when people are not using your product or service. How do you get them back? Here’s a great example by Dropbox.

First of all, they send a cute & funny email to engage readers. If people are not using your product, it’s very likely your product doesn’t occupy their mind space. Sending funny messages helps you re-connect with them.

Secondly, they give you 3 benefits of using dropbox. They don’t talk about features, only benefits. It’s a good way to pitch your product if the user has forgotten about it or never really explored your product in the first place.

dropbox email example


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6. Postmates

GIFs are very popular these days. They’re fun, shareworthy and have an emotional impact. That’s exactly why the following example of email marketing campaign from Postmates works so well.

Who wouldn’t order a Chipotle after watching their mouth-watering GIF below?

postmates email example


In fact, their email also contains a call-to-action (CTA) link to place an order.

It’s a simple yet effective email marketing strategy. Show a tantalizing image of your product, with a call-to-action button below that begs to be clicked.

If you’re wondering how to connect with your users and engage them in a fun meaningful way, then GIFs are a great option. You can also add animated GIFs in your email marketing campaigns to draw attention to your products & services in action.

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7. Warby Parker

Here’s another clever example of direct email marketing example by Warby Parker. Reminder emails are a great way to show that you care about your customers.

Typically, companies send reminders about birthdays, appointments, anniversaries, trips, etc. How about a reminder when your prescription is about to expire? If you think about it, nobody really remembers when their prescription expires. So it’s a great way to be helpful to your customers.

Meanwhile, Warby Parker also uses this opportunity to invite users to order new glasses.

Also, notice how they include a link to ZocDoc, at the bottom, if you want a new prescription. That’s another neat example of co-marketing. Another email campaign idea that’s well executed.

warby parker email example


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8. HireVue

It’s important to regularly clean your email list of people who aren’t opening your emails. It not only increases email open rates but also improves email deliverability. HireVue does a great job of sending well-designed unsubscribe emails. It’s a simple, straightforward message with a clear call-to-action.

hirevue unsubscribe email example


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9. InVision App

InVision is a prototyping, collaboration & workflow platform. Naturally, it’s users are designers.

InVision sends a weekly roundup of the best blog content, favorite designs and , sometimes, even a free t-shirt contest. It’s a great email marketing strategy. Here’s why it’s so amazing:

  1. Designers are always looking for latest design trends and new design inspirations. So their newsletter provides relevant & useful content to their users
  2. A free t-shirt contest is a great way to boost engagement.
  3. A mixture of content keeps their newsletter exciting and unpredictable. People look forward to it instead of knowing what to expect every week.

invision email example



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10. Stitcher

“Recommended for you” emails always appear so special to users and have an amazing engagement. It shows them that you know the user well and care about his/her preferences. Also, such emails appear to be created especially for each user.

Stitcher is an on-demand podcast/radio show app that sends amazing “Recommended For you” emails. Their mobile has effectively used responsive design, it’s a nice blend of colors and images suitable for a radio app.

See how the CTAs (“Listen”) are large enough to be hit even by a thumb. Also, in their mobile email, they’ve only provided limited options such as “Listen Later” and “Share” that are actually relevant to mobile users.

They’ve also added a CTA at the bottom to open switcher radio, in case you find your email app to be too restrictive or limited.

stitcher email example


Don’t be intimidated by these examples of email marketing campaigns. Most email marketing software provide tons of responsive email campaign templates such as marketing email template, newsletter templates and promotional email templates that you can choose from, customize and use in your own marketing campaigns. They also allow you to create drip campaigns and setup triggered emails to regularly email your customers. They even provide out-of-the-box analytics to measure and improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Hope these email marketing campaign examples give you new ideas to optimize your email marketing campaigns, build email list, improve email open rates and click-throughs. You can also check out our Email Blast Examples to improve your marketing campaigns.

If you want to share tips or best practices in email marketing campaigns, please share them as comments.


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