The Best Time To Send Email

What is the best time to send email ? If you’ve created an email marketing campaign, then it’s very important send marketing emails at the right time of the day and the right day of the week. If you send emails at the wrong time or day, most likely they won’t be opened. Send it at the right time, and it will increase email open rates and boost your marketing campaign performance.

In this post we’ll tell you:

  1. The best time to send email campaign, newsletter or press release
  2. The best day to send email campaign, newsletter or press release

What is the Best Time to Send Email?

The Best Time to Send Email, Newsletters and Press Releases varies according to the industry, just like email open rates vary by industry. Here is the Best time to send email blast for various industries, according to a report by Pure 360, one of the best email campaign software tools & services.

best time to send email by industry

As per the table above, if you’re an email marketer, it’s best to avoid sending emails in the mornings up to 10AM EST. It makes sense because the first time most people check their inbox is when they arrive at work, and delete anything that’s not important such as promotions and advertisements. So if your marketing email is not really important to them, it will most likely get deleted or remain unopened.

You’ll see above that most industries have high open rates if you send them emails during post work hours in the evening, or at night. This is because people tend to check their inbox just before they leave office for the day, or while they are commuting back home, or after dinner. So this provides multiple time slots when your email might be opened.

We’ve also observed good open rates if you send marketing campaign emails in in the noon (12PM – 1PM). It’s possible because people like to relax and distract themselves from work after lunch.

When sending marketing emails, newsletters or press releases, it’s also important to keep in mind the timezone of your recipient. For example, there are multiple time zones in North America. So 1PM in New York City would mean 10AM in San Francisco. So segment your subscribers according to their time zones and then send email blasts to each segment separately.


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What is the Best Day to Send Email ?

The Best Day to Send Email, Newsletters and Press Releases really depends on the thing that you’re trying to promote. Most email recipients will open your email on the same day. However, many of them will spend time on a Social Network instead of opening emails.

On an average, it takes about 3 days before they’ll open your email. So if you’re sending email to promote an event or sports, you need to send email at least 3-5 days before the actual event. Else your event will be over by the time they open your email.

There are a few thumb rules when it comes to the best day to send email blast:

  1. Mondays are the worst – Mondays are generally considered the worst day to send a marketing email. It’s because on Mondays, people come in to work to see a full Inbox after the weekend and anything else will likely be sidelined. Also Mondays are filled with office meetings and catch up sessions. That hardly leaves any time for people to look at your email. Ask yourself, do you open any promotional emails on a Monday morning.
  2. Avoid Weekends & Holidays – Internet activity is low on weekends & holidays as people want a break from work, or spend more time with their families or go outdoors. Almost all marketing metrics dip on weekends & holidays. So avoid sending email blasts on weekends & holidays. Even if you want to promote a weekend event or a holiday offer, send it 2-3 days before.
  3. Best Days of the Week – Best days of the week to send marketing campaign emails are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Here’s a study result by Wordstream:
    best day to send emails

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Test to find the best time to send emails

The most important rule in email marketing is to test everything and refine your approach based on experiment results. So test sending email blasts on different days of the week to find out the best day to send marketing email. May be your users respond the best on Mondays, or weekends.

Similarly, test various send times for email to determine the best time to send email. May be they are early risers and open emails before going to work.

Even within your email list, you may find that different list segments respond differently. So run separate test for each segment.

Sending emails on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday will surely give your a good response. You can use that as a starting point and run various tests to optimize the best day of the week as well the best time of the day to send marketing campaign emails.

Most email marketing software allow A/B Testing and provide campaign analytics & reporting to analyze test results. You can also check out our email blast examples for tips to improve your emails.


What do you think is the Best Time to send email ? Share your experience with us.