SumoMe vs Shareaholic : In-Depth Comparison

SumoMe and Shareaholic are two popular marketing tools that offer many useful features. However, they are meant for different purposes. If you don’t understand their key differences, you might end up picking the wrong tool for your business. Here’s our detailed SumoMe vs Shareaholic comparison to help you decide which is the right tool for your business.


SumoMe vs Shareaholic : In-Depth Comparison

Here’s a step by step comparison of SumoMe vs Shareaholic.



SumoMe is a feature-rich email optin and exit intent popup software that features email optin forms, contact forms, popups, slide ins, welcome mats, A/B testing and conversion rate optimization. It is great for email list building, lead generation, reducing bounce rate and conversion rate optimization.

Shareaholic is a powerful social media sharing tool that allows your site visitors to share our content on a variety of social media platforms and tools like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. It is useful for bloggers, social media marketers, SMBs and large enterprises.



SumoMe focuses on email optin and exit intent popup with features such as:

  • SumoMe List Builder
  • SumoMe Scroll Box
  • SumoMe Smart Bar
  • SumoMe Welcome Mat
  • Google Analytics
  • Heat Maps & Content Analytics
  • Share & Image Sharer
  • SumoMe Highlighter

Here’s the detailed list of features offered by SumoMe.


Shareaholic focuses on social media sharing with features such as:

  • Social Share Buttons
  • Content Analytics
  • Smart Short Links
  • Smart URL Shortener
  • Related Content / Products
  • Bot Analytics
  • Share Buttons for Images
  • Follow Buttons
  • Cookie Consent Prompt
  • Anchor Ads
  • Outstream Video Ads
  • Native In-Feed Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Auto Affiliate Links
  • Share Button Browser Extension
  • Share Button Browser Tool


Setup and Ease of Use

Both SumoMe and Shareaholic can installed as plugins for popular platforms like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc. Once they are installed, you can launch, monitor and optimize your marketing campaigns from their online dashboards. They are both well-documented, well-designed and easy to use.


Supported Platforms

Both SumoMe and Shareaholic work well on all websites, blogs and online stores. They also support plenty of blogging platforms, ecommerce platforms, content management systems, website builders.



SumoMe offers a free plan, with paid plans starting from $39/month. Shareaholic also offers a free plan, with paid plans starting from $8/month.



Both SumoMe and Shareaholic support plenty of third-party integrations such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp.



There are plenty of alternatives to SumoMe such as Thrive Leads, Optin Monster. There are many alternatives to Shareholic such as AddThis, ShareThis.


Conclusion – SumoMe vs Shareaholic

SumoMe and Shareaholic are two mature products with robust features. If you are looking for list building and conversion rate optimization software, then go for SumoMe. If you are looking for a social sharing tool, then go for Shareaholic.