ShortStack vs Mailchimp : In-Depth Comparison

Both Shortstack and Mailchimp are two popular marketing tools that offer many useful features. Here’s a detailed comparison of Shortstack vs Mailchimp to help you decide which is the best landing page builder for your business.


ShortStack vs Mailchimp

Here’s a step by step comparison of Shortstack vs Mailchimp.



Shortstack is a feature-rich marketing tool that allows you to build contests, quizzes, sweepstakes and landing pages for small-medium businesses. It also allows you to easily monitor and optimize the conversion rate of your web pages.

Mailchimp is a full-fledges email marketing platform that allows you to gather, manage emails and send automated emails based on triggers or lifecycle activity. It is suitable for small-medium businesses as well as large enterprises.



Shortstack focuses on landing page optimization, with features such as:

  • Analytics
  • Email Analytics
  • Email Automation
  • Hashtag contests
  • User Generated Content
  • Templates & Themes
  • Widgets
  • No-code Campaign Customization
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Simplified Client Management
  • Email Scheduling
  • Leads & Contact Information Management
  • Contest Anti-fraud Tools
  • Entry Management

Here’s the detailed list of features offered by Shortstack.


Mailchimp focuses on email marketing and landing pages with features such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Google Remarketing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Postcards
  • BigCommerce Integration
  • Eventbrite Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Square Integration
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Abandoned Cart Analytics
  • RSS to Email
  • Product Recommendations
  • Order Notifications
  • Welcome Automation
  • CRM
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • A/B Testing
  • Reports

Here’s the detailed list of features offered by Mailchimp.


Setup and Ease of Use

In Shortstack, you need to build landing pages on their platform, and connect your domain/url to those pages. It will host your web pages for you. Mailchimp landing pages works in a similar way. Its email marketing platform doesn’t require any installation and is a standalone tool. They are both well-designed, well-documented and easy to use. However, they both require a fair amount of technical assistance to get started.


Supported Platforms

Both Shortstack and Mailchimp landing pages work well on all websites, blogs, mobile sites, ecommerce platforms, content management systems and website builders.



Shortstack offers a free trial, with paid plans starting from $29/month. Mailchimp offers a free plan, with premium plans available from $10/month.



Both Shortstack and Mailchimp support plenty of third-party integrations with popular tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Zapier.



There are plenty of alternatives to Shortstack such as Ucraft, Gleam that offer similar features. Similarly, there are many alternatives to Mailchimp such as AWeber, Get Response.


Conclusion – Shortstack vs Mailchimp

Both Shortstack and Mailchimp are mature products with robust features. If you are looking to create quizzes, contests, sweepstakes on your site, go for Shortstack. Otherwise, go for Mailchimp. It has more features at a more affordable price.


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