How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics

Goals in Google Analytics make it easy to track specific user actions on your website allowing you to measure conversion rate for each of those actions. Typically, businesses use goal tracking in Google Analytics to track sign ups, purchases, adding to cart and newsletter subscriptions. Here’s how to set up goals in Google Analytics.


What are Goals in Google Analytics

Goals in Google Analytics enable you to measure how often visitors performed or did not perform a specific action on your website/mobile app. You can easily set up goals in Google Analytics, and monitor goal conversion from within Google Analytics. You can set up multiple goals for your website/app in Google Analytics, and measure the conversion rate for each goal. You can further, break down goal conversion by visitor demographic and segments to understand what kind of visitors convert the most.

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How to Use Goals in Google Analytics

There are many ways to use goals in Google Analytics. You can set up goals to track when visitors:

  1. Sign up for your website
  2. Add products to shopping cart
  3. Make a purchase
  4. Click a button to use a feature
  5. Play a video on your website
  6. Download an eBook or other digital asset

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How to Set up Goals in Google Analytics

Here are the steps to set up goals in Google Analytics:

1. Log into Google Analytics and choose the website for which you want to create goal


2. Click Admin in left panel and then Goals in View column.

set up goals in google analytics

3. Click +New Goal button to create new goal.

click new goal


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4. You will see a form to enter goal details such as name, description and goal type.

google analytics goal details

There are 4 types of goals in Google Analytics. They are:

  • Destination – Choose this if you want to count a visit to page/screen as conversion
  • Duration – Choose this if you want to treat time spent on a page as conversion
  • Pages/Screens per session – Use this if you want to count number of page views per session as conversion
  • Event – Use this if you want to treat a user event like button click, playing video, download, form submission as conversion.

Click Continue


5. Depending on the type of goal you choose, you will see a form to fill out goal details and event conditions. You can optionally include a monetary value for each conversion.

enter goal details

After you have entered all the required details, enter Save



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