How To Set Up Dynamic Remarketing Google Ads

Dynamic Remarketing Ads help you display your product/service Ads to those who have previously visited your website. It is different from just Remarketing since it allows you to dynamically change your Ad based on the specific products/web pages people have seen on your website. Here’s how to set up dynamic remarketing Google Ads for your business, clients and customers.


How To Set Up Dynamic Remarketing Google Ads

Before you set up dynamic remarketing Google Ads, it is important to note that dynamic remarketing works only on “Google Display Networks”, that is, those websites that display Google Ads.


Here are the steps to set up dynamic remarketing Google Ads:

1. Sign Into Google Ads

Sign into Google Ads



2. Create New Google Ads Campaign

Click on Campaigns from Page Menu. Click ‘+’ icon and select ‘New Campaign’

dynamic remarketing new campaign


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3. Select Campaign Type

You’ll see the page where you need to select the campaign type. Click on Display tab.

adwords dynamic remarketing campaign type


You’ll be required to choose a campaign goal. Click “Create campaign without a goal”. You can also click “Sales” if you want to track sales impact of your campaign.

You also need to choose a campaign subtype. Click “Standard Display Network”


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4. Setup Campaign

Next, setup your Ad campaign by typing a campaign name, setting a bid strategy and campaign budget like you would do for a normal Google Ad. Click continue

dynamic remarketing adwords campaign settings


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5. Configure Dynamic Remarketing Settings

Scroll down and click “Additional Settings”. Under “Dynamic Ads Section, check “Use a data feed for personalized ads”.

dynamic remarketing additional settings


6. Choose Audiences

Next, in Audiences section, choose the audience you want to target in your dynamic remarketing Ad.

dynamic remarketing adwords choose campaign audience


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7. Create Ad

Finally, you need to create an Ad group as well as Ad. There are multiple Ad formats available. Choose the one that meets your requirements. They are all responsive and allow you to include one or more Ads with shared text & image.

dynamic remarketing ad groups


Hopefully, now you can set up dynamic remarketing Google Ads for your business and clients.


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