How to Promote Your Business on Facebook for Free

If you have spent a lot of time preparing your Facebook Page, and promoting your business, but still not getting any traffic from it, do not give up. Facebook has more than 1 billion users and is hence a very powerful marketing tool to promote your business. There are numerous things you can do to promote your business on Facebook, and that too for free!

While there are several paid options for promoting your business page including promoting posts through Boost Post and Facebook Ads, free promotion tools are also available in plenty. Even though it is easy to promote your business on Facebook for free, most business owners don’t have much idea what needs to be done after the initial set up or think that it is not worth their time or effort.

Listed below are five techniques that can be used to promote your business on Facebook for free.

Share a link to your page on Facebook Timeline

Once you post your link to your Timeline and click the share button, a pop-up window will appear, showing the profile photo and page cover photograph.

A brief write-up or message about your company or page will be helpful. While posting on Timeline, you can choose who you want it to be seen by. Decide if you want only a group of people to see it, or you prefer to be seen by the public. Sharing with the public will definitely give you better results.

Hold a contest, but first, have participants ‘like’ your page

Hold a contest with interesting prizes to be won. The criteria to be able to qualify for the contest must be to ‘like’ your Facebook page. It is important to keep a track of all those who have participated in your contest and that can be done easily by using Facebook’s app Contests for Pages.

You can use it for free for a fixed amount of engagement, after which you will be charged $50 for one contest and $96 for one year.

Getting more fans and ‘likes’ for your Facebook page

A page without any likes or very few likes doesn’t seem trustworthy. Hence it is very essential to have maximum likes. Besides, you will be able to easily promote your content to your fans in that way. Now, there are myriad ways in which you can get more fans to ‘like’ your page and promote your business on Facebook.

• Get a URL for your Facebook page (Example: so that it is easy for customers to find you on Facebook. Then, go on to promote the page on all your marketing and business cards, websites, email signatures, etc.

• Do not hesitate to ask people who visit your store to ‘like’ your page. You can even offer them discount, coupons or free item/service if they like the page while they are at the store.

• Similarly, you can also request your site visitors to ‘like’ your page. Freebies are loved by one and all. It will be a good idea to get offer some gifts if they ‘like your Facebook page. The message can be along the lines of “Thanks for visiting! Like us on Facebook to win free two movie tickets of…..”

• Post on similar Facebook groups and industry. Offering helpful answers and advice (you can also post any related blog link from your business along with it) will get many people to click back to your page and like it.

• Send an email to all your employees requesting them to like the business Facebook page and also get their family members and friends to do the same.

Add a Page Plugin to Your Website

Page Plugin is an excellent way to promote your Facebook Page. This can be used to embed a feed of your Facebook Page content to your site. Once you copy a few lines of code from the Page Plugin page, insert it into your site’s HTML code.

In addition to this, you can also showcase the Timeline tab, Events tab, Messages tab, the Adapt to plugin container width option, and the Show Friend’s Faces option.

Make the page interactive

Make sure that your Facebook page is very interactive and graphically appealing. Conducting a poll on your Facebook page is an excellent way to encourage interaction. That can be done from the ‘Write a post’ area. Click on ‘Poll’ and post your poll question.

You can also get more interaction from your page by making a new event, publishing job posts, starting a live video, and posting new offers and discounts.

Make it a point to reply to any comment or message that a potential buyer might have posted. Building a rapport with your followers is very essential to winning the confidence of your target customers.


While we can list ten more techniques to promote your business on Facebook, the five points mentioned above will certainly go a long way in promoting, building and growing your business.