Optimizely vs Apptimize : In-Depth Comparison

Optimizely and Apptimize are two popular tools that provide many useful features. However, they are meant for different purposes. If you don’t understand their key differences, you might end up picking the wrong tool for your business. Here’s a detailed comparison of Optimizely vs Apptimize to help you decide the right tool.


Optimizely vs Apptimize

Here’s a step by step comparison of Optimizely vs Apptimize.



Optimizely is an A/B testing platform that allows you to create web page variations that you can test on your site visitors, to determine the most converting one. You can use it to reduce bounce rate, improve website conversion rate, get more subscribers and signups. It is suitable for medium-large businesses and enterprises.

Apptimize is an A/B testing platform for mobile apps (iOS and Android). It is suitable to improve conversion rate of your mobile apps. It works the same way as Optimizely, except that it is meant for mobile apps and not websites. It is also suitable for medium-large businesses and enterprises.



Optimizely focuses more on websites with features such as:

  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Audience targeting
  • Multipage testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Campaign management
  • Behavioral targeting

Here’s the detailed list of features offered by Optimizely.

Apptimize focuses on mobile A/B testing with features such as:

  • Cross-Platform A/B Testing
  • Instant Updates
  • Feature Flags
  • Automatic Event Importing
  • Standard Service
  • Data Exports
  • Full API access
  • User ID Targeting
  • Team Administrative Controls
  • Phased Rollouts of A/B Test
  • Advanced Data Insights

Here’s the detailed list of features offered by Apptimize.


Setup and Ease of Use

Both Optimizely and Apptimize have a similar setup. You need to paste a piece of code on your web pages/mobile app where you want these tools to collect data and display UI variations. Once installed, you can create and monitor marketing campaigns using their online dashboards. They are both well-designed and well-documented.


Supported Platforms

Optimizely works well on all websites, mobile sites, blogging platforms, ecommerce platforms, content management systems, and website builders. Apptimize works well on all mobile apps – iOS and Android.



Unfortunately, the pricing of Optimizely and Apptimize are not available publicly. You need to request a quote.



Both Optimizely and Apptimize support plenty of third-party integrations with popular tools like Slack, Google Analytics, etc.



There are plenty of alternatives to Optimizely such as VWO, Crazy Egg, Freshmarketer, etc that support A/B testing. Similarly, there are only a few alternatives to Apptimize like Splitforce, Taplytics that support mobile A/B testing.


Conclusion – Optimizely vs Apptimize

Both Optimizely and Apptimize are mature products with robust features. If you want to do A/B testing on websites, go for Optimizely. However, if you want to do them on mobile apps, go for Apptimize. Optimizely is specialized for websites, while Apptimize is for mobile apps.