Optimizely Review, Pricing, Features, Benefits, Pros and cons

Optimizely is a popular A/B testing and website experimentation platform that allows you to test different variations of your web pages without actually making any changes to your website. Here’s our Optimizely review to help you decide if it is the right A/B testing platform for your business.


Optimizely Review, Pricing, Features, Benefits, Pros and cons

Here’s our Optimizely review, pricing, features, benefits, pros and cons.


Optimizely review

Optimizely is a well-known A/B testing platform that allows you to test different variations of your web pages with your target audience, find out which one converts the best.

It is a great tool to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns, understand user behavior and optimize your website to boost conversions.

Optimizely even allows you to personalize your web pages, and your entire site, for each customer segment, depending on their language, device, location, and more parameters.

It provides various testing kits for new users so they can easily get started.

It is priced per quote so it might not be affordable for small businesses. However, Optimizely is suitable for medium-large companies.

It works well on all platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and even websites that have been built from scratch.


Optimizely Benefits

Here are the key benefits of Optimizely:

  • Test website variations without modifying website
  • Measure conversion rate for each variation
  • Improve signups, subscriptions and conversion rates


Optimizely Features

Here are the key features of Optimizely:

  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Audience targeting
  • Multipage testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Campaign management
  • Behavioral targeting


Optimizely Pricing

Unfortunately, Optimizely’s pricing information is not available. You need to request for quote. Optimizely is available as Optimizely Web and Optimizely Stack

They both offer 3 plans. Here are the plans for Optimizely Web:

  • Essential
    • A/B testing
    • Visual editor
    • Multi-page experimentation
    • Platform security and compliance
    • Analytics integrations
    • Stats Engine
    • Support for Dynamic Websites
  • Business
    • All essential features
    • Mutually exclusive experiments
    • Multivariate testing
    • Advanced targeting options
    • Additional roles and permissions
    • Extensions
    • Program Management
  • Business
    • All Business Features
    • Personalization campaigns
    • Behavioral targeting
    • Product and content recommendations
    • Third-party audiences
    • Stats Accelerator
    • Advanced Program Management


Here are the plans of Optimizely Stack:

  • Essential
    • 1 project
    • 10 open-source SDKs
    • Support for Full Stack, Mobile, and cross-channel experiments
    • Feature management, including flags and rollouts
    • Environments
    • Stats Engine
    • Platform security and compliance
  • Business
    • All Essential Features
    • Additional projects
    • Feature variables
    • Mutually exclusive experiments
    • Additional roles and permissions
    • Data export
    • REST API access
    • Program Management
  • Enterprise
    • All Business features
    • Stats Accelerator
    • Advanced Program Management


Optimizely Pros and Cons


  • Easy to setup
  • Intuitive interface
  • Tons of features
  • Supports third party integrations


  • Might be expensive
  • Pricing information not available


Final Verdict

Optimizely is a feature-rich, popular A/B Testing platform used by many businesses all over the world. However, its quote-based pricing might be expensive for small businesses. On the other hand, if it is within your budget, then Optimizely is a great tool to use to grow your business.


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