Omniconvert vs Optimizely : In-Depth Comparison

Omniconvert and Optimizely are two popular conversion rate optimization platforms that provide tons of useful features. Here’s a detailed comparison of Omniconvert vs Optimizely to help you decide the right tool for your business.


Omniconvert vs Optimizely

Here’s a detailed comparison of Omniconvert vs Optimizely.



Omniconvert is a conversion rate optimization platform for websites, mobile sites, apps, and blogs. It features heatmaps, session replays, conversion funnels, form analytics. It is suitable for medium-large businesses and enterprise.

Optimizely is a comprehensive experimentation platform for websites and mobile sites that features A/B testing, multivariate testing, cross domain testing, cross device testing, email testing. It is suitable for medium-large businesses and enterprise.



Omniconvert focuses on conversion rate optimization with features such as:

  • Surveys
  • A/B testing
  • Overlays
  • Segmentation
  • Conversion funnels
  • Mouse tracking

Here’s the detailed list of features offered by Omniconvert.

Optimizely focuses on A/B testing with features such as:

  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Audience targeting
  • Multipage testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Campaign management
  • Behavioral targeting

Here’s the detailed list of features offered by Optimizely.


Setup and Ease of Use

Both Omniconvert and Optimizely have a similar setup. You need to paste their tracking code on all your web pages where you want these tools to gather user data. Once installed, you can monitor your website’ performance on their online dashboards. You can also install them via plugins for popular platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc. There is not much difference between Omniconvert vs Optimizely in this case.


Supported Platforms

Both Omnicovert and Optimizely work well on all websites, mobile sites, blogging platforms, ecommerce platforms, content management systems, website builders, landing page builders.



The pricing information of Omniconvert and Optimizely is not available publicly. You need to request a quote.



Both Omniconvert and Optimizely support plenty of third-party integrations with other marketing, analytics, collaboration, CRM, helpdesk tools like Google Analytics, Zapier, Slack, etc.



There are plenty of alternatives to Omniconvert such as Hotjar, FullStory that feature conversion rate optimization. Similarly, there are many alternatives to Optimizely such as VWO, Freshmarketer that feature A/B testing.


Conclusion – Omniconvert vs Optimizely

Both Omniconvert and Optimizely are feature-rich, powerful tools that offer many useful features. If you are looking for a conversion rate optimization software then go for Omniconvert. On the other hand, if you need a comprehensive A/B testing and multivariate testing platform, then go for Optimizely.


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