Mixpanel vs Firebase : In-Depth Comparison

Both Mixpanel and Firebase are popular platforms that offer many useful features. However, they are meant for different purposes. If you don’t understand their key differences you might end up picking the wrong tool for your business. Here’s our detailed comparison of Mixpanel vs Firebase to help you decide.


Mixpanel vs Firebase

Here’s the detailed comparison of Mixpanel vs Firebase.



Mixpanel is a product and user analytics tool that allows you to understand how users behave when they are on your websites or using your product. It enables you to identify UX bottlenecks and fix them quickly. It is suitable for medium-large businesses and enterprise.

Firebase is a message communication platform for iOS and Android apps. It helps you build better apps, improve conversion rate and grow your business. It is suitable for every mobile app – big or small.



Mixpanel focuses on conversion rate optimization with features such as:

  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Cohort Analysis
  • User profiles
  • User flows
  • Funnels
  • Retention
  • Dashboards
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Messaging
  • Testing

Here’s a detailed list of features offered by Mixpanel.


Firebase focuses on mobile app optimization with features such as:

  • Cloud Firestore
  • ML Kit BETA
  • Machine learning for mobile developers
  • Cloud Functions
  • Authentication
  • Hosting
  • Cloud Storage
  • Realtime Database
  • Crashlytics
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Test Lab
  • In-App Messaging
  • Google Analytics
  • Predictions
  • A/B Testing BETA
  • Cloud Messaging
  • Remote Config
  • Dynamic Links
  • App Indexing


Setup and Ease of Use

For Mixpanel, you need to add its tracking code to all your web pages where you want it to gather user data. Once installed, you can monitor your website’s metrics on its online dashboards. Firebase is an SDK that needs to be installed on your Android studio. Both tools have a fair amount of learning curve involved.


Supported Platforms

Mixpanel works on all websites, mobile sites, blogging platforms, ecommerce platforms, content management systems, website builders, online store builders, landing page builders. Firebase works with every Android and iOS app.



Firebase is free to use while Mixpanel’s pricing is available only on request.



Both Mixpanel and Firebase integrate with plenty of popular tools such as Google Analytics, Slack, Zapier, Google Drive.



There are plenty of alternatives to Mixpanel such as Flurry, Kissmetrics, etc that provide similar features. Similarly, there are many alternatives to Firebase such as Deployd, Cloud boost.


Conclusion – Mixpanel vs Firebase

Both Mixpanel and Firebase are mature products that provide plenty of useful features. If you are looking to improve website conversion and improve mobile app usage, then go for Mixpanel. If you want to build better mobile app all-round, then go for Firebase.