Millennial Marketing: 10 Best Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Today, Millennial Marketing has become one of the important marketing topics all over the world. And why wouldn’t it be so?

Millennials are one of the most important target audience for any business. If you attract & impress them, they’ll spread the word about your business like crazy. After all, they’re responsible for growing multi-billion dollar businesses like Instagram, Snapchat and even Whatsapp. So how do you tap into this lucrative customer segment? Here are the best tips for millennial marketing that you can use for marketing to millennials.


10 Best Tips for Millennial Marketing

1. Millennials trust their mobiles

For millennials, mobile is the device of choice. They spend most of their time online using mobiles and trust the information available on mobile devices. According to Google, 66% millennials understand that you get the same information online, whether you access it on a mobile or a desktop. How does that matter? As a result, they carry out most of their online transactions such as flights and hotel bookings directly via mobile phones, without even logging into their desktop.


2. Millennials make purchases using mobile

According to Google, 64% millennials book a hotel room after searching for information on their mobile phones. On the other hand, 58% of travelers over the age of 35, don’t book online. So if you’re launching a business targeting millennials, it would be a good idea to go mobile first. Ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices using Tips & Best Practices for Mobile SEO. Millennials will totally bounce off a website that is not responsive.

3. Avoid Hard Selling, build brand image instead

Millennials hate hard selling and can spot it from miles away. They live in an environment of sharing and collaboration. So you need to build your brand online by sharing information that is useful, relevant or even cool, to reach out to millennials. Show off what your brand does, build influence and it will get your ads shared. Partnering with the right businesses that can also help you grow your brand and increase influence. For example, companies like Prada and Chanel already partner with influential bloggers and writers to help build a favorable brand perception among millennials.


4. Use Social Media to build loyalty

According to Hubspot, 84% of users, including millennials, do online research before making a purchase online. Before trusting a brand, they want to know if it is worth their loyalty. So they try to validate your brand by looking for online reviews on social media platforms, online magazines & publications, and even local business directories. Ensure that you create detailed business pages on social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter, & online business directories, which provide as much information about your business, as possible. Also, millennials love transparency and sharing, so include customer reviews on your business pages to build loyalty among millennials.

When millennials hear a consistent voice about your brand from multiple places on the web, they’ll naturally trust your brand and become loyal customers. Millennials prefer photos and videos over text, so include lots of high resolution images about your office, products & services, and even customers on your business pages.


5. Focus on mobile

According to Facebook, 55% of millennials use only mobile phones to access their social media profiles. This makes mobile phones and social media one of the most important channels for marketing millennials. Ensure that your social media business pages are updated with eye-catching content that looks great on mobile. If you find most of your website visitors are mobile-based, then it might be a good idea to develop separate mobile optimized content for mobile users.


6. Use coupons & discounts to attract millennials

Most millennials follow or like a brand on social media platforms just to get a discount or coupon. Did you know that 66% millennials follow a company on Twitter and 64% follow or like a business page on Facebook only for a coupon or discount? It’s no surprise, considering the fact that most millennials are either in college, or have just joined a job and so they don’t earn much or have a lot of savings. That’s why they share their location on mobile devices to get coupons and offers from nearby businesses. So if you give free coupons and discounts, you’re likely to get more customers.


7. Advertise indirectly

According to Hubspot, 84% millennials don’t trust traditional advertising. So you can forget about getting paid ad clicks. Also, as mentioned before, they don’t like hard selling. So you need to be smart about reaching out to millennials and advertise your product and business indirectly. Create lots of content such as blog posts, infographics, data visualizations, photos and videos about what you do and how you help customers. Show them that your business is a place where cool things happen, and it will naturally attract more millennials. If they like what you do, they’ll share your content and even evangelize your business. Avoid the traditional webinars, whitepapers and case studies which may seem boring and not shareworthy.


8. Build Brand Loyalty

Millennials are a fiercely loyal bunch of customers and don’t mind voicing their opinion about products & services they love. Since they live in a world of social media, if you can impress them, they’ll quickly spread good word about your business. In fact, millennials is US wield an annual purchasing power of up to $1.3 trillion.

You can build loyalty by being transparent about your business. Provide customer reviews on your website and business pages to help them understand that you’re a real, credible business with actual customers who love you. According to Deloitte, 51% of millennials say that real customer reviews positively impact their decision to make a purchase online.


9. Provide amazing customer service

We all know that an excellent customer service is essential to building a great business. The same goes for millennials but with a slight difference. Don’t expect millennials to send you an email and call your customer support, if they face a problem. Instead, they’ll go online and post a tweet or update on your social media business page. So you need to use social media as an effective customer service tool to help millennial customers.

In fact, 64% millennials think that social media is the best way to reach a business. So ensure that you actively maintain your social media pages – reply to complaints and issues. You don’t need to be present on all social media websites, just the 2-3 important ones – Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn – are enough. That’s where millennials will look for when try to reach your business.


10. Try Social Advertising

60% of millennials say that social media is the most influential advertising channel after television, and social ads are more credible when it comes to influencing their buying decisions. So you can start by creating a Facebook Ad Campaign for your business and refine your social advertising strategy based on how your Facebook Ads perform. However, if your business does not run millennial marketing campaigns on social media, then you’re leaving money on the table.



Millennial marketing is similar to marketing to other generations, with a twist. They use mobile devices instead of traditional medium like desktop or television, and rely on social media for information instead of newspapers or radio. And their world is built up on the idea of sharing and collaboration. Hopefully these tips for millennial marketing will help you in marketing to millennials – create millennial marketing campaigns and build a loyal customer base for your business.


How does your business reach out to millennials? Do you have any tips about millennial marketing?


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