MailGun Review, Pricing, Features, Benefits, Pros and Cons

Mailgun is a transactional API service for developers that allows you to programatically send emails to your customers based on specific conditions or user behavior. Here’s an in-depth Mailgun review to help you decide if it is the right tool for your business.


MailGun Review, Pricing, Features, Benefits, Pros and Cons

Here’s a detailed Mailgun review, pricing, features, benefits, pros and cons.


Mailgun Review

Mailgun is a feature-rich email marketing tool that allows online businesses to automatically send emails to their customers, based on their transactions, user behavior or specific triggers.

It provides a developer API that supports all popular platforms such as Ruby, Python, PHP, ASP, etc. It abstracts the complexity of transactional or bulk emails and allows you to easily mail your customers with simple commands.

It also provides a searchable log that helps you understand what’s going on.

Mailgun also provides many useful features such as bulk email verification, disposable email detection, spam trap detection that allow you to successfully bulk email your real customers and avoid fake ones.

Mailgun is suitable for small-medium businesses as well as large enterprises.


Mailgun Benefits

Here are the key benefits of Mailgun:

  • Simple API for bulk mailing
  • Easily send emails to many customers at once
  • Automate email marketing
  • Email customers based on specific user behavior or triggers
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Increase customer retention
  • Promote offers, discounts, and coupons


Mailgun Features

Here are the key features of Mailgun:

  • Catch-all Server Detection
  • Bulk Email Verification
  • Disposable Email Detection
  • Mail Server Validation
  • Domain Check
  • Single Email Verification
  • Syntax Check
  • Spam Trap Detection
  • Mailing List Management
  • Spam Check
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Template Management
  • Email Monitoring
  • A/B Testing


Mailgun Pricing

Unfortunately, Mailgun’s pricing information is available only on request.


Mailgun Pros and Cons


  • Many useful features
  • Third-party integrations


  • Pricing information is not available
  • Might be expensive for SMBs
  • Meant for developers only


Final Verdict

Mailgun is a useful transactional email API that allows you to setup automated transactional emails for your websites, web apps, mobile apps, blogs and online stores. However, it requires developer assistance and is priced for medium-large businesses. Nevertheless, it is worth a try.