LaunchRock Review, Pricing, Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons

Launchrock is a landing page builder for websites, blogs and online businesses that allows you to build launch pages in minutes ad validate your startup idea with your audience. Here’s our detailed Launchrock review to help you decide if it is the right tool for your business.


LaunchRock Review, Pricing, Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons

Here’s our LaunchRock review, pricing, features, benefits, pros and cons.


LaunchRock Review

LaunchRock is a site builder meant for early customer acquisition. If you are about to launch your business, then Launch rock will help you build landing pages for your business and gather leads.

It has a modern drag & drop page builder that allows you to quickly build launch pages in minutes, without any coding.

These pages are responsive and can be customized with just a few clicks. It also includes ecommerce tools for lead capture and sign ups.

LaunchRock also provides a vast library of templates, stock images, and fonts to help you get started quickly.

It provides a number of marketing tools to help you promote your business even before you have launched it.

LaunchRock also features many powerful analytics tools that allow you to track customer data and referrals, and segment your customer lists so that you can target them effectively.

Launch Rock is suitable for startups and SMBs.


LaunchRock Benefits

Here are the key benefits of LaunchRock:

  • Build landing pages in minutes
  • No need for coding
  • Gather leads
  • Convert visitors into customers
  • Promote your business even before launching


LaunchRock Features

Here are the key features of LaunchRock:

  • Modern block-based builder with WYSIWYG and Custom HTML blocks
  • 100% responsive design
  • Signup capture and pre-sale eCommerce tools
  • Social network sharing
  • Launchrock audience discovery
  • Full suite of powerful analytics tools
  • View customer data and referral impact
  • Segment customer lists for more powerful analysis and promotion


LaunchRock Pricing

LaunchRock offers a free trial, with quote-based plans. Their pricing information is not available publicly.


LaunchRock Pros and Cons


  • Many useful features
  • Easy to use


  • Quote-based pricing


Final Verdict

Launchrock is a useful tool for soon-to-be-launched online businesses that allows you to easily build launch pages and promote them among your audience and on social media. It helps you save time by helping you build highly converting landing pages quickly, so that you can focus on launching your business.


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