Landing Page Optimization Checklist You Must Keep Handy

A Landing Page Optimization Checklist helps you systematically optimize landing pages to improve conversion rates and grow your business. Here’s a landing page optimization checklist you can use to create a high converting landing page.


Landing Page Optimization Checklist You Must Keep Handy

Here’s a landing page optimization checklist that you can use as a landing page audit checklist for your own business, clients & customers. You can also use it as landing page launch checklist, in case you are just launching your product/service.


1. Use Action Words in Headline

Write an actionable landing page headline that tells visitors the most important thing they can do with your product/service. For example, a headline like “Build marketing dashboards in minutes” is more effective than “Easy-to-use Dashboard software”.

If you are using landing page for a PPC ad campaign, make sure it uses some of the keywords present in the headline of your PPC ad that sends traffic to your page.


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2. List Benefits instead of Features

Most landing pages list out all the features such as “drag & drop editor”,”multiple payment options”,etc. One of the most effective landing page optimization tips is to simply tell users what they can do with your product or service. E.g Build website without coding, make payments via mobile, etc.

While listing benefits mention only the top 5-6 benefits on your page, instead of flooding it with content.


3. Use Images & Videos

Leverage images & videos to help your target customers imagine what your product or service would look like. Demo videos, screenshots, illustrations, icons, gifs, graphs, etc. play an important role in helping people understand your products & services better.


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4. Create a Responsive Landing Page

Make sure your landing pages look great on all devices – laptops, tablets & mobiles. To be honest, it is difficult to create a responsive landing page from scratch even for web developers. Luckily, there are plenty of free and paid landing page builders that support responsive landing pages. So use a free landing page tool to build your landing pages.


5. Remove Unnecessary Links

The only purpose of your landing page must be to make a visitor sign up for your product/service. So remove all the unnecessary links, images & texts from your landing pages, that can tempt visitors to wander to other pages.  These include:

  • Navbar links on top of page
  • Links to social media pages
  • Footer links
  • PPC Ads
  • Links to blog posts and other content
  • Social media feed


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6. Add Strong Call-to-action

Call-to-action tells users what they are supposed to do once they visit your landing page. Use actionable call-to-actions such as sign up, register, buy, download, purchase, etc that make it clear what visitors can expect on the other side of your landing page.


7. Add credibility

Make your landing page look more credible by adding any logos or certifications received by your business. Also add a couple of customer testimonials from happy customers.


8. Add a Thank you page

Creating a landing page alone is not enough. You need to clearly define what happens next. What happens when a visitor submits your landing page form? Do they see a dedicated Thank You page? Or Are they directed to your home page with Thank You message? Will they be asked to activate account via email? Or will they be directly logged into your website? Don’t leave your visitors hanging after they submit your landing page form.


9. Remove Unnecessary Form Fields

If you want more people to submit your landing page form, then keep as little form fields as possible. Don’t ask unnecessary details such as address, phone, etc. which might drive them away. Also, if required, use a multi-page form field.  Ask only minimum information such as email, username & password on your landing page. When a user submits this form, they see the second page of your form asking some more details.


10. Double Check The Whole Process

Go through the process yourself  – click the ad, go to the landing page, fill the form, hit submit and review your thank you page. Click download links, if any. Identify and fix any issues.


Hopefully, the above landing page optimization checklist will help you create highly converting landing pages that turn visitors into paying customers.


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