How To Increase Twitter Engagement & Reach for your Business

Increasing Twitter engagement and reach for your business is getting quite difficult as the social media platform gets more crowded by the day. Although Twitter is a great platform for businesses to stay in touch with their customers & build their brand using social media marketing, it’s not enough to simply post tweets and move on. If people don’t engage with your tweets, then it won’t grow your Twitter presence. In fact, very few businesses are able to properly leverage the power of Twitter to convert their followers into customers. Here are 12 ways you can increase Twitter Engagement & Reach for your Business.


What is Twitter Engagement?

Twitter Engagement is the total number of @replies, retweets, mentions & favorites received by a tweet. It’s basically a measure of how your target audience is engaging your brand and content on Twitter. It’s a great way to understand if your content reaches your target audience, and if they actually like it. Twitter engagement rate is the percent of Twitter impressions, that have engaged with your tweet.


How to Measure Twitter Engagement?

Twitter provides an Analytics Dashboard that provides key engagement metrics such as Twitter engagement rate, reach and clicks for each tweet. You can also filter Twitter engagement for a specific time period. In fact, it even provides additional engagement information such as hashtag clicks, link clicks, avatar clicks, follows, and even username clicks. You can also use one of the third party social media analytics tools to track and monitor key social media metrics, including Twitter engagement, using real-time web-based social media dashboards.


You can also read our list of 5 Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools to monitor and analyze most popular hashtags for your tweets.


How to Improve Twitter Engagement for your Business

Here are 12 Twitter engagement tips and ideas to get more retweets and increase reach.

1. Use both Title Tweets & Post Tweets

Most businesses simply tweet their post titles, and move on. Sure, an attractive title will drive engagement, but also think about how you can use interesting stats, insights, quotes & data present in your post, as tweets, to drive engagement. This will spark audience interest and drive more clicks to your post.


2. Use short links in your tweets

Since tweets have a character limit, it’s essential to shorten your links so you can use those saved characters to write an attractive tweet and drive more engagement. If you are using social media management tools like Buffer or HootSuite, it will automatically shorten the links in your tweets before posting them. Else, you can always use a link shortener tool like


3. Use attractive images

Today, almost every social media platform, including Twitter, favors images & videos over plain text posts. You must have noticed that images occupy more screen space on Twitter timelines, and are therefore, more prominent and engaging. So the trick is to use attractive Hi-resolution images in your post, to increase clicks, likes, favorites and retweets.


4. Ask people to retweet

This may sound like a no-brainer but hardly few people do it. If you want people to retweet your post, simply ask for it. If you ask for a retweet the right way, it’s bound to increase your reach. For example, did you know that tweets that ask for a “RT” get up to 10 times more retweet, while those asking for a “Retweet” get up to 23 times higher retweet rate? Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to ask every time, but you can always do it once in a while to bump up your engagement.


5. Post Actionable Tweets

One of the easiest ways to increase engagement on Twitter, is to use actionable words like “Download”, “Sign up now”, etc. in your tweets. Twitter has reported that using actionable words in your tweets can increase clicks by up to 13%.


6. Re-post tweets

People often tweet posts once and move on. One of the most effective ways to increase Twitter engagement is to re-post your content several times over the course of a week, or month. Not all your followers are online when you post your tweets. So when you re-post your content at different days & times, it will reach more people and drive more clicks.


7. Post Tweets about Social Media

You can also post tweets about Twitter itself, as well as other social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. HubSpot found that regularly tweeting about topics such as Twitter, increased clicks over time. People love social media, and spend most of their time on a social network, so when you tweet about those topics, it is bound to drive more clicks.


8. Quality trumps quantity

As with any marketing platform, when it comes to Twitter, quality is way more important than quantity. It’s better to have a few highly engaged followers instead of having millions of people who don’t even read your tweets. This will help you grow your reach over time, help you analyze your target audience, the type of content they like, and optimize your Twitter marketing strategy accordingly, to improve engagement and reach.


9. Post tweets at the right time

One of the most effective ways to improve engagement on Twitter, is to post your tweets at the right time. To maximize engagement, it’s essential to tweet at times that are suitable to your target audience. For example, we’ve found that posting between 10.p.m and 11.p.m EST drives more clicks and retweets. That’s probably because most users relax on social media platforms at night, after a day’s work. That’s also the time when most twitter timelines are idle and your tweets don’t have to compete with others for screen space.

You can also use one of the social media scheduling tools to schedule your tweets throughout the day. In fact, most of these tools even suggest the best times to schedule tweets.


10. Respond immediately to tweets

Twitter has grown to become an important channel for customer service and support queries for businesses. In fact, since Twitter is such a fast paced social network, more than 50% of users expect a response within an hour, and more than 72% expect a response within half an hour, in case, they have a complaint. So ensure you keep your prospects and customers happy by quickly responding to user queries and complaints.


11. Use stats to increase reach

People like to appear smart and informed by sharing interesting stats and data on social media platforms. Use this behavior to your advantage. Include useful stats and cool insights in your tweets to boost your retweets, likes and favorites. It may not result in more clicks, but it will certainly increase your reach and most likely get you a few more followers.


12. Showcase your offers clearly

You’ve only got 140 characters to impress people. So ensure that you clearly mention your offer using crisp copy. Such tweets tend to get more clicks and retweets. Also, include a sense of urgency using time-sensitive words such as “Hurry”,”Today”,”Now”, etc. to elicit user response.



Hopefully these Twitter engagement ideas and tips will help you get more retweets, mentions, favorites and grow your followers. Although Twitter is an amazing social media platform to reach & engage your target audience, the key is to share great content that is actually useful and interesting to your target audience, present it in an attractive manner, and post it at the right time, to drive maximum engagement and reach for your business.


What Twitter engagement tips and ideas do you use for your business?